A look back at the LIMS event of 07 April 2015

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On April 7, NYCO, SAINT GOBAIN, and AREVA spoke at our LIMS seminar. All of them shared their experience on different themes concerning experimental data management. NYCO was involved in “the valorization of the laboratory’s experimental data”, SAINT GOBAIN in “the management of Physico-chemical data”, and finally AREVA shared its experience on “the management of test data and materials”.


“We had a concern for data archiving and not databases. In the past, our predecessors have twice tried to set up a system to solve this problem, but both times have failed. The failure of the first solution is due to a lack of resources for support and the second failure is mainly due to the absence of well-defined specifications and the lack of people actually involved in the project. As a result, our data remained relatively unstructured and therefore difficult to compare. Doing things that have already been done is a waste of time and money. We have therefore decided to seek a solution in a global quality approach (particularly during the ongoing transition to ISO 9001), with a view to managing the quality and durability of the information generated by our R&D center. The objective is to be able to search for this data later and to make comparisons, both internally and with the competition. Our products are guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years, so the solution must allow research to be carried out over several years. In addition, we must manage the transmission of staff knowledge and know-how over long periods of time (15, 20, 25 years), so it is essential to capitalize on the information generated by our teams and store the data already generated in an intelligent way.”


“There was no common technical data management system in our company for our three main sites: Laboratory – Headquarters – Plant. The data was stored in an Access database, Excel workbooks and a file server, which quickly showed their limitations. Our objective was to find a solution to share some data between headquarters and the laboratory. During a discussion on this project our Technical Director told us about TEEXMA®, so we integrated this software among the solutions to study, our choice finally turned to TEEXMA®. We have integrated into the tool the management of technical documentation (technical sheets, reports, approval letters, etc.), the management of R&D laboratory data (manufacturing, analyses, samples, etc.) and data flows between the laboratory, headquarters and the factory. “


“AREVA has set up TEEXMA® to implement a test data and materials management solution. The solution must meet different needs:

  • Standardize practices between teams, adopt best practices meet
  • Quality requirements: Traceability (Date, operator(s), tested materials, machine data, post-processed data…) – Avoid information loss between CP and operators – Manage projects – Have a vision on the progress of test campaigns
  • Find contract documentation quickly”.


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