Additive Manufacturing: predictions for 2019

With the advent of Industry 4.0, many companies are turning to innovative design and manufacturing techniques and processes. One of which is additive manufacturing (or 3D printing).

According to industry analyst IDC, the additive manufacturing market is experiencing a real boom with spending in 2019 estimated to reach $13.8 billion, a 21% increase over 2018. This is being driven primarily by discrete manufacturers, especially in automotive, aerospace, and electronics, that are looking for ways to reduce part complexity, increase manufacturing flexibility, and reduce warehousing costs. However, there are challenges, most notably with regulatory standards/certification, testing, part traceability, and the cost or availability of materials.

Aware of these challenges, BASSETTI offers its TEEXMA® Additive Manufacturing solution, which goes beyond being a traditional materials database by facilitating collaboration between the various people and departments involved (Materials, Design, Manufacturing, Simulation, etc.) while managing the data and expertise across the whole product lifecycle.