Aerospace & Defense

BASSETTI helps raise aerospace and defense capabilities to the maximum.

BASSETTI is at the forefront of innovation, modernization, and digital transformation of the aerospace and defense industry. We provide cutting edge software solutions to transform the digital capabilities of our clients across the entire value chain.

Aerospace & Defense

The construction of aircrafts and aeronautic machines (civil or military) is subject to strong environmental and safety regulations. BASSETTI offers flexible IoT solutions for industrialists to support the management and traceability of equipment and processes. Our user friendly solutions seamlessly integrate with preexisting systems (SAP, CRM, etc.) to increase  quality control and efficiency, facilitate greater information exchange, and ensure environmental compliance. 

The space industry presents strong opportunities for innovation with materials, optics, cryogenics, connectivity, etc. The emergence of new entrants and a “New Space” era, pushes companies involved in the space industry to remain competitive through new production systems, 3D printing, new materials and properly managed equipment. Our modular and intuitive software solutions enhance these critical elements that push us deeper into space exploration.

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Today's climate calls for environmental responsibility because just producing quality products is not enough. We must be focused on having an active role and positive impact on the world and its inhabitants. Control and monitor your carbon footprint, certify a sustainable supply chain and, in the longer term, become carbon neutral.


Failures in the aerospace industry can be detrimental to a company's success, which is why it is necessary to maintain optimal processes and product quality. BASSETTI accelerates your digital transformation across the entire product lifecycle. This enables a wide range of monitoring and management capabilities to learn and develop with ease.


The development of solar powered aircrafts, new materials and increased automation, calls for a digital transformation that changes the way we design, manufacture and support aerospace innovation. BASSETTI provides a modular software to address the complete end-to-end needs of our clients by reducing costs and time to market, while exceeding quality, safety and environmental standards.


Noncompliance in the aerospace industry has a very strong monetary impact, which makes it vital to control data in order to manage costs. Generate in depth reports to gain new insights on expenses and cut costs.


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