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BASSETTI assists aeronautics and aerospace players in their digital transformation.

The aeronautics and aerospace industry, whether for military or civilian use, is part of a sector which, in the era of Industry 4.0, is experiencing numerous innovations and rapid changes. Coupled with strong regulatory requirements to ensure total security, digital transformation is an imperative to remain competitive. The BASSETTI Group supports its customers in the aeronautical sector in their digitalization.


The construction of aeronautical machines (civil or military, with or without passengers) is subject to strong environmental (decarbonization) or safety regulatory constraints. The BASSETTI group offers IoT solutions for manufacturers in the sector to strengthen the management and traceability of equipment and processes.


The space industry presents strong opportunities for innovation (materials, optics, cryogenics, connectivity, etc.) for the entire industrial fabric. With the emergence of new entrants and a new “New Space” era, space industry players must remain competitive through new production systems, 3D printing, new materials and properly managed equipment.

Your challenges


All players are now concerned with reducing their carbon footprint and, in the longer term, achieving carbon neutrality


Failures in the aerospace industry can be dramatic, which is why it is necessary to maintain optimal product quality


Innovation through processes and digital transformation can support productivity and increase competitiveness


As non-conformity in the aerospace industry has a very strong monetary impact, it is important to control data as well as possible in order to manage costs.

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We would like to inform you that the data in this form may be used by our services to respond to your request.