AIRBUS HELICOPTERS Implementation of a “Design Guide” with TEEXMA®

AIRBUS HELICOPTERS is the world’s leading manufacturer of civil helicopters and one of the leading manufacturers of military helicopters.

“After a Benchmarking step with various manufacturers, we realized that we were rather pioneers in our approach of wanting to “do it right the first time” and the formation of a structured technical reference framework to do so.

Our objective was to digitize knowledge in order to facilitate its understanding by more novice engineers and thus accelerate their rise in competence on how to design a helicopter with knowledge of the rules of the art.”

The choice of the solution?

“We consulted various companies to find a partner capable of meeting our needs, then we met BASSETTI, which proposed a very pragmatic approach consisting of structuring knowledge into “tasks” and “rules”. The rules embodied what it was necessary to know in order to properly design, in terms of products and systems, their failures, means of verification and validation,… The tasks, on the other hand, embodied what was necessary to know about how to design, when, with which deliverables and what tools. Our goal was, therefore, to bring all this knowledge together in a structured way in a single digital platform in which we would store our knowledge by technical fields and activities. BASSETTI offered both support in terms of methods and structuring, and a flexible software package – TEEXMA® – that we adapted to our specific needs. In the past, we had tested several solutions based on document management and collaborative portals, but none of them were really satisfactory. We are currently in the process of deploying and massively integrating knowledge and lessons learned.”

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