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Other Industries

The management of laboratories is a major challenge for development activities in the industrial sector. In particular, the management of test requests and associated results is critical to ensure a quality approach, cost optimization and exploitation of work already carried out. This is why it is necessary to utilize, monitor, trace and secure the technical heritage of laboratories.
TEEXMA®, thanks to its technical data management structure and processing tools, is ideal for tracking all laboratory components in a modern and easy-to-use tool.

TEEXMA® has many features available to meet these requirements

Test Requests

  • Management of test requests with a visualization of the activity pending, to be planned and carried out
  • Formalization of a test plan to be carried out on products
  • Multi-site and multi-laboratory management of test requests
  • Definition of cutting, machining and testing conditions for each step
  • Management of the different types of mechanical tests: Fatigue, Cracking, Flexure, Creep, Resilience, Tenacity, Tensile strength, Traction, etc.
  • Management of the different types of thermal tests: Brazing, Corrosion, Erosion, Oxidation, etc.
  • Management of test-tubes from their reception in the laboratory with their description: Material, Pre-treatments they have undergone, Geometry, Type of test-tube, etc.
  • Process management through the Workflow module adaptable to each client context
  • Outsourcing management: consultations and business allocations to be carried out

Laboratory Data

  • Equipment management: maintenance, calibration, and all associated technical documentation
  • Management of the file for operators authorizations
  • Inventory and reagent management: management of stocks, suppliers, replenishment rates with notifications to alert the right people
  • Resource and planning management with algorithms to optimize the machine occupancy rate, taking into account the types of equipment, planned deadlines, and test priorities to be performed

Data Exploitation

  • Implementation of operational indicators for laboratories: in progress, planning rates, response rates, etc.
  • Implementation of KPIs on cases handled by subcontractors
  • Implementation of document extractions from Client Templates to generate test reports
  • Automatic generation of curves based on machine files
  • Possibility to generate interpolations, extrapolations, polynomial regressions on the curves from the raw data of the machines
  • Management of control charts to visualize possible deviations of the results obtained in relation to equipment, a subcontractor, etc.
  • Exploitation of this repository by simply making multi-criteria selections
  • Statistical analysis on all material data with the possibility to graphically represent results, correlations, etc.

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Data and Technical Knowledge Management for the Manufacturing Industry

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