BASSETTI acquires an MES specialized in Additive Manufacturing

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BASSETTI has acquired 3DTRUST, a company specializing in the management of additive manufacturing processes.

The BASSETTI group has strengthened its external growth strategy by acquiring 3DTRUST, whose activities focus on the development of an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) dedicated to the Additive Manufacturing field.

As a publisher and integrator of technical software packages for nearly 30 years, and a pioneer in materials data management, it is only natural that BASSETTI should add to its software suite. Indeed, its TEEXMA® Materials solution, a reference software package in the world of R&D, will benefit from additional tools and modules allowing it to reinforce its presence on an expanding market.

“3DTRUST has developed an innovative MES solution that is currently used by major aerospace companies such as Airbus, Safran, and Thales and that fully complements our existing Additive Manufacturing offer for R&D,” says David BASSETTI, CEO of BASSETTI Group.

3DTRUST MES software offers a complete overview of the Additive Manufacturing value chain thanks to its modules allowing the management of incoming orders, the dynamic planning of production lines, as well as the piloting of the various machines.  Thanks to partnerships conducted with the main industrial 3D printer manufacturers, it is possible with 3DTRUST to collect production data in real-time and to ensure traceability throughout the value chain.

3DTRUST has also developed a material management module allowing a digitalized management of stocks, actions, and genealogy of powders used for Additive Manufacturing.

After successful implementation with big names in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Medical industries, 3DTRUST continues its growth by joining forces with the BASSETTI  group in order to offer its customers an innovative solution for managing their Additive Manufacturing plants.

Moreover, this strategic expansion, which is the result of the BASSETTI Group’s involvement in numerous innovative projects in the additive manufacturing market, is in line with the partnership, established in 2020, with Senvol – the most complete database in terms of materials and machines for Additive Manufacturing processes.

BASSETTI will therefore be the only company able to offer a complete digitalization and management of the entire value chain of Additive Manufacturing, from design to its implementation, to the management of the print shop.

The 3DTRUST MES software will connect seamlessly to the Senvol database, allowing it to retrieve material data used in the manufacture of parts, with accurate commercial designations.

It is with this momentum that the BASSETTI Group aims to help manufacturers in various sectors (Automotive, Aeronautics, Space, Defence, Medical Devices, etc.) to meet the challenges of tomorrow in the field of Additive Manufacturing.

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