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The collaboration with the BASSETTI group allows ARaymond to successfully digitise its technical data worldwide

Paris, 23 March 2022 – The BASSETTI Group, a leader in the management of technical expertise, has deployed its TEEXMA® software aimed at digitizing and perpetuating the knowledge and technical data of several business areas of ARaymond, a global specialist in assembly solutions for the automotive industry. The inter-subsidiary synergy of the BASSETTI group has also enabled ARaymond to deploy internationally and to enrich the initial project (Laboratory and materials), which now includes a Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) dimension.


Initially, the TEEXMA® software was deployed to digitize laboratory and materials data. Then, in a second phase, the management of quality data and chemical substances was added in order to share them instantaneously through a web portal for the group’s entities throughout the world.

In 2019, BASSETTI Data provider, a subsidiary specializing in the supply of technical and environmental data, enabled ARaymond to dematerialize and provide its experts with QHSE data updates, by outsourcing the collection and management of Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

In 2020, ARaymond was able to rely on BASSETTI China when it came to deploying the plastic materials database and PPAP* solutions. Progressively, all the plastic bases of its subsidiaries in France, Germany, China, and Spain were integrated into TEEXMA. By the summer of 2022, all 25 subsidiaries will be integrated into the plastics database.


Centralized and instantaneous data sharing

The collaboration with BASSETTI began with the need for some of ARaymond’s laboratories to be able to store, record, and have rapid access to analysis results, particularly for quality files and laboratory results.


At the same time, ARaymond’s network was expanding – subsidiaries were multiplying and growing worldwide – and the company was facing the challenge of sharing knowledge about plastic raw materials, which were mostly held by its teams in France and Germany. The TEEXMA® software enabled this information to be digitized and shared instantly through a web portal.


“The interest for ARaymond in having deployed this digital tool is to be able to give each of the entities access to what is being done in the network, immediately and instantly. With the TEEXMA® raw materials database, we have all the data relating to the deployment, development, and use of plastics by all the entities in the network”, emphasizes Pascal Pernes, Purchasing Innovation Manager at ARaymond.


Automating time-consuming tasks for QHSE managers

BASSETTI’s mission then evolved into automated digital management of the monitoring of chemical substances contained in the raw materials used. But also in the prevention of associated risks, in line with changes in regulations and legislation. Indeed, over time, environmental regulations and customer specifications have become increasingly restrictive. From a risk management perspective, ARaymond must therefore provide assurance to its customers that it is able to manage the impact of changing environmental regulations on raw materials.


It is in this context that BASSETTI Data Provider, in 2019, took over the management of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) – attached to raw materials in TEEXMA® – with a view to providing ARaymond’s experts with updated Safety and Environmental data. The automation and dematerialization of these redundant and time-consuming tasks were one of the key challenges and a key step towards Industry 4.0. The time savings offered by this outsourcing were significant. Operators were able to recover time to fully concentrate on their real missions such as chemical risk assessment, risk prevention, or compliance with regulations or certifications.


Digital continuity and transversality for easier global deployment

Because ARaymond’s ambition was to deploy the tool worldwide, understanding local needs was an essential factor for success. That’s why BASSETTI China was called in when it came to deploying the plastic materials base and PPAP solutions.


“We started the project with a laboratory, development, materials expertise theme to a project that today is global, and which also integrates a QHSE dimension. BASSETTI Data Provider, through its algorithms, allows us to identify changes in the substances to be monitored and can extract in a few minutes the materials impacted by regulatory changes,” says Pascal Pernes.


On the strength of this success, ARaymond does not intend to stop there and plans to integrate other raw materials into TEEXMA®. “When we have completed the integration of all the plastic bases, we will integrate a metal base incorporating heat and surface treatments, chemical product management, and PPAP solutions in all the group’s international subsidiaries,” concludes Pascal Pernes.


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About the BASSETTI Group

Founded in 1992 in Grenoble, France, the BASSETTI Group specialises in the digitalisation of technical expertise in the industrial world. The company provides more than 150,000 users worldwide with an “End to End” software offer, designed to digitise technical data and knowledge with high added value for industrial companies. In addition to its publishing activities, the company offers consulting services in the field of enterprise knowledge management.

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