BASSETTI continues to innovate in terms of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is increasingly used
by companies in all industries


Under the impulse of our customers, BASSETTI, a company at the forefront of technology, strives to offer hosting or technologies and services compatible with Cloud computing.

TEEXMA® is compatible with “Amazon Web Service”, “Microsoft Azure” and “Google Cloud Platform”. TEEXMA® on these different platforms benefits from the advantages of Cloud computing, namely:

  • Hyper-scalability
  • Availability
  • Robustness
  • Security

BASSETTI also uses the Cloud for internal use.


BASSETTI also uses the Cloud for internal uses, especially for TEEXMA® software load testing and environmental testing. We are also working to offer more and more services through the Cloud.

La société BASSETTI avec sa Direction de l’Expertise Technique s’engage à mettre en œuvre des méthodes, outils et processus informatiques pour structurer, archiver et diffuser cette connaissance à forte valeur ajoutée au sein de l’entreprise.

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