Technical Expertise Management®

BASSETTI is specialized in Technical Expertise Management®.

BASSETTI publishes and integrates TEEXMA®, a software designed to capitalize on the technical data of industrial companies in a collaborative work environment. In addition to data management, TEEXMA® makes it possible to enhance technical know-how with high added value. In conjunction with these activities, it offers consulting services in the field of corporate knowledge management.

Technical data management is essential for companies, which is why our Technical Expertise Management® is committed to implementing methods, processes, and tools in order to structure, pool, and disseminate high value-added technical data within the company.

Our skills are located at the intersection of 3 areas

Knowledge management
Make the most of your technical know-how

Information technologies
Benefit from a scalable and collaborative system

Engineering sciences
Have multidisciplinary skills at your disposal to best meet your needs.

Our missions

Transmit and perpetuate knowledge
Addressing the erosion of knowledge

Enhance the knowledge of the Experts
Reuse the acquired know-how

Sharing and decompartmentalizing Expertise
Stimulating innovation

Unify and secure the Business Repository
Reuse the results already obtained with confidence

Our added value

+ More than 25 years of experience
in technical knowledge management

An End to End Mastery
Develops, Integrates, Deploys and Maintains TEEXMA®

120 multidisciplinary engineers
in France to meet your needs

More than 120,000
TEEXMA® users


BASSETTI Group – Technical Expertise Management: Editor And Integrator TEEXMA® 

BASSETTI Group – Technical Expertise Management: Publisher Integrator TEEXMA, Software To Manage Scientific Technical Data Industrial Companies