BASSETTI is now a training organization

BASSETTI est désormais organisme de formation


Relying on our expertise in knowledge transfer, our training courses are dedicated to the evolution of the user and administrator experience of the TEEXMA® software package. hanks to our mobile team, at your disposal, you are trained directly at your workstation, taking your needs into account. Also, an “Online Help” access is provided to you, in order to access all the concepts covered at any time, anywhere. The aim of these trainings is a progressive support, towards a complete autonomy in your daily tasks on the platform. And this is done through modules for all your employee users or TEEXMA® administrators.
  • You are a user, contributor or administrator of TEEXMA®
  • Would you like to be trained or improve your skills in the use of TEEXMA®?
  • Are you a TEEXMA® user with more or less experience ?
  • Would you like to be trained in a particular module ?
  • Feel free to request our TEEXMA® Training Catalogue !


Datadock is a unique database of professional training in terms of quality. It enables professional training financiers gathered within the GIE D2OF to verify the compliance of training organizations with the 6 quality criteria defined by the Law of 5 May 2014. This law gives professional training financiers the responsibility of monitoring and controlling the quality of the training organizations with which they work. The objective is therefore to improve the transparency of the training offered and to encourage a gradual increase in the quality of training activities. Decree n°2015-790 of 30 June 2015 sets out the criteria that enables financiers of continuing professional training to ensure the quality of training activities, namely :
  • Precise identification of the objectives of the training and its adaptation to the audience trained 
  • Adaptation of the reception, pedagogical monitoring and evaluation systems to trainees’ audiences 
  • The adequacy of pedagogical, technical and supervisory resources to the training offer 
  • Professional qualification and continuous training of those responsible for training 
  • The conditions of informing the public about the training offer, its access times and the results obtained 
  • Taking into account the assessments made by the trainees 


These criteria are therefore of interest to learners in several ways :
  • Improve the readability of the training offer 
  • Encourage training providers to offer more useful information to financiers and beneficiaries, including test results and access to employment 
  • Increase the capacity of the training offer to adapt to the needs of the public to be trained
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