BASSETTI signs agreement to provide the JAHM material properties database

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Grenoble, FRANCE – July 31, 2020 — The Bassetti Group announces that it has signed an agreement with JAHM software to provide its Materials Properties Database (MPDB) as a reference data set in its TEEXMA for Materials solution.
As part of Bassetti’s commitment to expansion (expand products, expand capabilities, and expand presence), it continues to build relationships with world-class data providers around the globe that can offer significant value to Bassetti customers. MPDB is a recognized reliable source for temperature-dependent materials properties utilized by various industries, including aerospace and energy.
JAHM Software was founded over 20 years ago with the mission to provide fast and easy access to temperature-dependent material property data. Currently, MPDB provides access to over 9,200 materials and 70,000 sets of temperature-dependent data with 40 different properties available, including elastic modulus, thermal expansion, S-N & e-N fatigue curves, tensile and yield strength, true stress-strain curves creep strength and stress-rupture.

By providing access to additional reference data sets, BASSETTI combines reference data, in-house data, knowledge and expertise to power its TEEXMA® for Materials solution, the only end-to-end solution supporting the leveraging of all material knowledge and expertise, not just data and documents. TEEXMA® for Materials provides full traceability while supporting materials related projects (ex. Characterization and DfX), improved selection, optimization and decision making, integration with Product Development, support for environmental compliance, and enabling the creation of Centers of Excellence/Communities of Practice all within a common user-friendly interface.

Bassetti, founded in Grenoble, France in 1992 to help companies manage their technical expertise, has continued to expand globally across Europe, Asia, and North America. Bassetti now offers one technology with multiple solutions in the areas of technical expertise, risk, and knowledge management to over 400 companies and 125,000 users in various industries around the world.

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