Our mission


A subsidiary of the Bassetti Group, Talent Pool accompanies its clients in accelerating their industrial performance.

Thanks to the expertise acquired within the Bassetti Group, Talent Pool brings together a team of consultants who are experts in industrial issues, centered around Research & Development activities, Laboratories, and Information Systems Departments, in particular.

Our international team of recruiters is responsible for diversifying the talent pool, responding to your requirements with tailor-made candidates.

People are the best bet to build the future. In response to this, we set up a participative management system where each employee is the architect of his own development.

With a strong network of local offices in France, we provide follow-up and training throughout the missions, allowing consultants to become driving forces in your company.

This presence also makes it possible to work as a true partner in your activity, maintaining a close relationship with your teams.

BASSETTI Talent Pool

BASSETTI Talent Pool: Expert Consultant Team in Industrial Problems

BASSETTI Talent Pool: Industrial Issues, Application, International Teams