BASSETTI supports chemicals industry companies with digital transformation of their data and processes.

The chemicals industry, faced with the growing trend of Industry 4.0, is continuously streamlining projects to optimize and support their processes. Whether in basic or specialty chemistry, BASSETTI supports its customers through innovative solutions to accelerate productivity and a complete digital transformation.

Heavy Chemicals

BASSETTI offers software solutions that support industry leaders in the basic chemicals, petrochemicals and material markets through mass production automation and design assistance (experimental protocols).

Fine Chemicals

Whether it’s food, agrochemicals, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, we support the fine chemicals industry in a multitude of ways. With the purity of production being essential, we are aware of the importance of having all the information and data digitized, organized and processed with efficiency.

What we help you with


There are many considerations and challenges with a sustainable chemical processes such as pollution, accidents, biodegradable products, energy costs etc. These processes are designed to generate value for all of organizational stakeholders.


Although faced with increasingly strict and varied regulations, the chemical industry is still expanding and requires high-level performance to keep up with industry trends and changes.


Automate your processes and digitalize your data to create value-producing opportunities and manage with greater efficiency.


The quality and purity of finished products is at the forefront of the chemical industry. It must be ensured that anything produced meets quality standards.


Our solutions

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