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The team has been a proactive force in meeting our needs. The atmosphere is very friendly and they know how to put themselves within reach of people based on their technical knowledge.



Modular solution to support your maintenance processes.

Describe an incident and follow up on actions taken
Trace incidents and process them according to a configurable process
Plan multi-resource tasks and view them in a customizable schedule
Create and manage your ranges and maintenance plans
Ensure skills and accreditations on the tasks performed
Manage the course of the interventions according to your processes
Manage your technical repositories in configuration
Access information and enter reports as close as possible to the intervention
Manage all your documents in a single tool
Manage inventory movements and levels, launch and monitor your purchasing processes
Have a global vision of your activity according to your own indicators



your fleet and its configurations


your inventory and purchase requisitions


and develop your maintenance ranges


the traceability of events on your equipment and maintenance


your interventions and optimize your resources


the performance of periodic inspections

Carry out

mobile interventions in offline mode


a global situation thanks to indicators

TEEXMA® CMMS allows you to:

Requesting interventions

Trace and deal with non-conformities

Plan interventions

Manage preventive maintenance plans

  • Describe an incident or malfunction
  • Monitor the actions taken to resolve the failure
  • Access troubleshooting procedures
  • Treat each incident as a quality event
  • Analyze non-conformity according to a configurable quality process
  • Follow action plans
  • Carry out multi-resource planning (human and technical)
  • Plan COR/PREV interventions, vacations, other tasks…
  • Customize your calendar views by sites, departments, technicians or others
  • Planning the right human or technical resources at the right time
  • Move or change the duration of tasks with drag and drop
  • View activities by day, week, month or in Gantt format
  • Create your maintenance plans
  • Manage the ranges by associating tools, equipment, authorizations to them.
  • Generate work orders automatically (periodically and on usage counter)

Manage skills and authorizations

Supporting interventions

Manage a plant in configuration

Access offline mobility

  • Build competency and authorization matrices
  • Constraining planning
  • Identify critical skills
  • Follow the intervention according to YOUR process
  • Display dynamic forms according to the type of intervention or technical field
  • Act simply on the intervention sheets thanks to the single ”Actions” button.
  • Creating “child” BTs
  • Automatically edit customizable reports in Word or PDF format
  • Send reports as an automatic email attachment
  • Manage your technical repositories without level limits
  • Manage your installations in configuration (Applicable/Applied)
  • Describe each piece of equipment according to its type and link to its technical or regulatory documentation.
  • Identify equipment in a geographical repository and in larger technical packages
  • Use the application on Android, Windows or IOS
  • Identify equipment by barcode, QR code or RFID
  • Display the list of interventions assigned to a technician
  • Enter start/end times, CR, photos, part changes, meter readings…
  • View and edit data in offline mode

Manage inventory and purchasing

Integrate a Technical EDM

Follow the activity

Managing the activity

  • Manage subcontracting and parts purchases (from quotation to receipt)
  • Use spare parts or consumables by impacting inventory levels
  • Receive ordered equipment by impacting inventory levels
  • Transfer stocks
  • Set stock alert thresholds
  • Making inventories
  • Manage several document collections
  • Validate documents
  • Versioning and archiving documents
  • Automatically extract documents from collected data
  • Distribute documents
  • Control repairs / modifications
  • Notify users at every step of the process
  • Trace the dates and times of each step change in the process
  • Access to all information related to maintenance activities
  • Display customizable dashboards
  • Generate customizable graphical indicators
  • Identify trends through multi-criteria selection




CMMS Software

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