Expert Employee Departure

What do you do when an expert employee leaves the company?

  1. Whether it be due to retirement, relocation or personal decisions, there comes a time when every company loses an expert employee who retains a wide range of valuable tacit knowledge and experience. To those who succeed these expert employees there is a question of transmitting part of the knowledge and experience that make up the company’s expertise, credibility, and culture. Supporting the transmission and retention of valuable knowledge is an effective management tool to seamlessly ensure the continuity of services and tasks that the expert offers and performs for the company. We consider our approaches to be rewarding for both departing experts and for trainers of the newcomers.

As a result of these experiences, BASSETTI consultants have developed methods to enhance the knowledge of experts. This method makes it possible to organize the employee departure in three phases:

  1. Exploration phase of the expertise
  2. Diagnosis and action plan phase
  3. Phase for actions of pooling and transmission of knowledge

Your Challenges


Knowing how to anticipate the retirement of strategic positions that possess rare skills and valuable knowledge


Ensuring a successful transition of knowledge and encouraging senior experts and junior experts to work together


Prioritizing transitional actions as one of the most critical missions


Recruiting and training future experts at their workstations

Our Method

Identify the knowledge of the departing expert employee

Conduct interviews and collect information based on these identifications.

Identify the expert’s contributions

Collect and analyze the expert employee's knowledge and capabilities to determine how they've impacted the company.

Construct an action plan

Focus on the critical elements that are to be transmitted. Capture and leverage the know-how.

Utilize and distribute the knowledge through different mediums

Provide tools to better disseminate knowledge: database, focused synthesis, choice history, good practice reference framework, and Lessons Learned, etc.

Have the expert support newcomers in training, if possible

If the departure of the expert and the arrival of the replacement (newcomer) overlaps, then integrate the newcomer by directly transitioning knowledge from the expert during training.



Ensure the continuation of services after the departure of an expert.


Perpetuate the knowledge of the expert in the company.


Promote the integration of the expert’s replacement(s).

Making up for an Expert’s Departure

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