Design Office

The engineering department is the driving force behind the design and conception of a product. As product design processes become more and more complex, the digitalization of processes plays an important role in the performance of the department. With over 30 years of experience with R&D of large industrial companies, BASSETTI supports its customers in the management of design and prototyping projects.

Get it right the first time

Since mistakes can lead to repeating the same design several times, it is important to be right from the first iteration.

Life cycle

From design to recycling, through manufacturing, maintenance, customer returns or subcontractors.

Reduce design times

Because end-to-end product design can be complex, the value chain must be optimized to save design time.


The challenge is to take advantage of what has already been achieved to define new, more appropriate solutions.

Why choose BASSETTI for the digital transformation of your business?

BASSETTI offers a software suite dedicated to the design office.

    • Centralize the different RETEX in a unique interface to facilitate their exploitation
    • Trace all the information from end to end to support innovation and knowledge sharing
    • Build a unique repository of data and knowledge to avoid repeating past mistakes and to find the right process at the right time within a guide
    • Share information with other departments to improve performance and promote synergies

BASSETTI also offers a unique solution to integrate with the other services:

    • Quality: Nonconformities, managed by the quality department, can hinder a good design the first time. The transmission of information between the two departments must be optimal.
    • Maintenance: A complex product requires maintenance in operational condition. The design office needs feedback from maintenance in order to design the best possible product.
    • R&D: In order to achieve the design, the design office must select the materials according to certain criteria and calculation models provided by R&D.

Our solutions adapted to your needs

TEEXMA® for Knowledge Management

TEEXMA® for Environment

TEEXMA® for Materials

TEEXMA® for Maintenance



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