Technical Expertise Management®

Publisher and integrator of TEEXMA®, the software for the management of technical and scientific data

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BASSETTI is a well-established company in the field of Technical Expertise Management®.

BASSETTI is the publisher and integrator of TEEXMA®, the software that is designed to capitalize on the technical and scientific data of industrial enterprises in a collaborative environment. Going further beyond the management of technical data, TEEXMA® is also specifically designed to capture and capitalize on a company's technical know-how.

BASSETTI also readily offers consulting services to assist these companies even further with the capitalization of their internal technical know-how.

Technical Expertise Management® is a project that consists of putting various methods, procedures, and software into place and aims at structuring, archiving, and diffusing crucial knowledge within a company.

At BASSETTI we address ourselves in this manner to the services of Research & Development, study facilities, laboratories, and methods departments of large companies and SMEs.

Our expertise is situated at the intersection of 3 main areas :

  • Knowledge Management
  • Information technology
  • The science of engineering
Our skills

Our work consists of helping industrial enterprises to value, capitalize, and structure their technical know-how.

Technical Expertise Management® revolves around different types of activities such as:

  • Create a Technical Reference Database: Materials database, Products, Processes, Norms, Ingredients, etc.
  • Materials Data Management: Structuration, centralization, capitalization, and data values, Materials selection, correlations, statistics, etc.
  • Experimental Data Management: Automatic creation of documents, a follow-up on the trials, and Experimental Results Capitalization.
  • Lessons Learned Management (LLM): Lessons Learned Management, an explanation and capitalization of good practices to implement.
  • Chemical Risk and REACh Management: Inventory, 0.1% calculation in mass, Chemical risk Management, and Obsolescence Management.
  • Manufacturing Process Management (MPM): Ranges, Simogramme, Chrono-Analysis, Video Analysis, Etc.

In addition to the creation and integration of TEEXMA®, BASSETTI also offers consulting services in various areas:

  • The capitalization of knowledge
  • The capitalization or implementation of Lessons Learned Management
  • The departure of an expert
  • The implementation of a community of practices
  • The implementation of repository system
  • The implementation of a sector of expertise
Our team

The BASSETTI team is composed of a group of engineers and technicians who combine their skills to reach the highest level of competence in Technical Expertise Management®.

The combination of these skills are used to adhere to the following sectors of business:

  •  Knowledge Management and the structuring of knowledge
  •  IT, information systems, and software engineering
  •  Engineering and Research & Development

The responsiveness of our team and the flexibility of our tools allow us to offer truly personalized solutions, that are perfectly adapted to each of our client’s needs and expectations.

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