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Come discover TEEXMA® LIMS

Come discover TEEXMA® LIMS

The last Thursday of every month from 11:00am to 12:00pm (UTC+2)

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Bannière LIMS

During this Webinar you can discover how to: 

  • Manage test requests / work orders with the entire set of dashboards: pending activities, activities to schedule or activities to be performed.  
  • Plan the activity and share the availability of testing resources. 
  • Construct test plans graphically by managing the sequencing of the different steps
  • Input results to supply and secure a technical heritage
  • Automatically generate reports using client templates and increase productivity
  • Monitor the activity of you laboratory by generating operational indicators or KPIs
  • Simply search for, exploit, and manipulate all data for easy recovery of tests already performed, reports, results, etc. 


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