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EDF is Confident in TEEXMA® to Manage Their Experimental Data
"The system must allow for us :
- To have easy access to the information that will justify the effective austenoferritic steel components of the nuclear reactor’s primary circuit 
- To have all of the information on one unique system for our entire project team’s disposal (15 employees divided amongst 5 sites)
To be able to manage a plethora of important data (more than 20 years worth of knowledge to maintain)."
EURODIF (AREVA) used TEEXMA® to structure their inventory of industrial components for their uranium enrichment factory
"Each set of data has a unique source in which we can easily attach characterization documents (Plans, Technical specifications, calculation notes, commentary, etc…)
At present, 200,000 sets of equipment have been indexed with multiple variables.
The flexibility of exploiting this data for the study is essential. "
SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC selects its materials data with TEEXMA®
"The choice guide is a major functionality to research materials. TEEXMA® (MEZZO) equally allows us to make multi-criteria selections on variable criteria (Graphs for example), we also have an innovative function for materials because we can from now on do a multi-criteria research of a metal after thermic treatment and surface treatment, it is what we call associative classes."
GDF SUEZ selected TEEXMA® to capitalize on its documentary knowledge base
"It is a provider who introduced us the company BASSETTI. We were seduced by TEEXMA®, and in particular by the dynamic approach in updating the database. TEEXMA® allows the elements to be connected to each other. This system seemed to us easier to maintain than the creation of an encyclopedia dedicated to our documentary database. TEEXMA® also allows a level of comprehension by the greatest number. Moreover, through the links we carry information that allows us to capitalize on knowledge." 
AREVA capitalizes its technical data with TEEXMA®
8 years after : Recap

"We use TEEXMA® since end 2006. The tool has evolved much in 8 years, because its use has equally extended to other jobs, especially our Business Service who uses TEEXMA® to manage the responses to tender callings and the follow-up of dashboards. To this is now added the capitalization of Returns on Experience on the maintenance interventions (safety, tooling, logistics, etc.). This brings coherence in the maintenance process, because TEEXMA® now ensures the data traceability of a project from the business phase until the end of its process."

pdf Testimony AREVA Energy Recap (330 KB)

TOTAL uses TEEXMA® to manage its chemical products

"The tool makes us gain time. We have been able to set up the ICPE, know the CMR number and extract data depending on the needs from the multi-criteria selection. For example, we can extract certain H phrases depending on the ICPE sorting. 

Concretely in 10 minutes we can extract an excel file with all products, amounts, associated suppliers from all laboratories, whereas before all this information could take several weeks to reassemble. This file then constitutes our work basis. 

The solution also allows laboratories to have an inventory status, the localization of their products in the building and treat the stock incompatibilities."

pdf Testimony TOTAL Energy (407 KB)


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