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ERAMET – BASSETTI : A Collaboration Based on Expertise
"Bassetti helped compensate for the retirement of one of our experts, by assisiting us with transmitting and capitalizing on their knowledge. Presently they are also accompanying us on our mission to capitalize upon our knowledge through Technical Meetings. Bassetti uses a strong methodology to assure the success of the project, which consists of interviewing an expert and then structuring the company’s knowledge through a database reference in TEEXMA®. The software allows for us to capitalize our lessons learned about electrodes in electric ovens, and to collect information from process Management."
TEEXMA® was Given the “Innovation Holding” Award in the ERAMET Group 
"The jury praised the comprehensive approach to knowledge management and the establishment of a common platform for the Group to capitalize on knowledge.“ 
"The tool will help us towards a better organizational quality within the laboratory by reducing the time consuming operations such as : Results dial, the holding of laboratory workbooks. The results research, treatment and exploitation of data need to be at the rendezvous to deliver better and faster to our sponsors."
TEEXMA® as a management tool for technical data and documents for METALOR
« We have chosen BASSETTI and the TEEXMA® tool to help us structure our data and documents. The key functionalities of the software allowing the success of the project are : 
The multi-criteria research
The choice guides for targeted research
The automatic documents naming
The documents validation workflow
The defined workflow for encryption."
SAINT GOBAIN uses TEEXMA® LIMS to manage their experimental data

"Following this observation, we have built standard procedures, and launched a call for tenders to several companies. BASSETTI’s offer was the most approaching to our expectations and needs. We were interested by the scalability of the TEEXMA® tool, the possibility for a non-computer programmer to parameter it. Also, the fact that we can make the base evaluate in autonomy is a real point for us. Additionally, we know that many modules can be added to the too without necessarily  having to realize specific developments."

pdf Testimony SAINT GOBAIN Industry Recap (412 KB)

SAINTE MARIE Construction Isotherms manages their 
technical data and document with TEEXMA®
"We then chose to work with BASSETTI because of their reactivity and because the software they were offering was very flexible. TEEXMA® responded just  perfectly to our expectations. We wanted an evolutive solution, that would allow us to structure and centralize information, and that was easy to use. TEEXMA® did just that. In fact, it even allowed for us to create documents from a unique entry from much of the information (the administrative form of product manufacturing, uses  the calculation and extraction modules)."

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