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TEEXMA® Quality

Meet the expectations of quality standards in your organization

The quality approach within a company constitutes an important stake. It enables to demonstrate that at all your organisation levels, the implied actors follow formalised and clear tasks and that the control systems guarantee product, service, or provision, always better proposal to clients.

BASSETTI enables to ensure this approach as well as the goal to respond to an internal strategy or external certification requirements.

We propose solutions enabling to declare, to analyse any malfunctioning or abnormal situations, to treat them, to ensure the establishment and action plan to monitor which we will evaluate the efficiency. We then are in measure to generate and communicate automatically the finalized reports to different stakeholders of the quality process.
From the TEEXMA® professional software, it becomes simple to cross-cut the error resolving to all your organization sectors. This way, you can struggle against the information attrition and gain time in the non-compelling treatment if an identical root cause has already been identified and treated in the past. 

With the help of an effective and context adaptable workflow system, structure your organization without restraining it. Put in place a routing proper to all categories of non-compliance you encounter: 

  • Deviations found after a product, process or system audit, internal or external
  • Claims emitted by a client 
  • Non-compliance with the equipment of your organization 
  • Non-compliance with your internal process    
Main Challenges
  • Respond to the requirements of the norms ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 9100, 19011
  • Ensure the non-compelling, failures, damage, gaps monitoring  
  • Set up a reliable and mutual repository
  • Help the problem resolution with the 8D method or CAPA procedure 
  • Monitor the immediate, corrective or preventive action treatment
  • Reduce significantly your administrative loads
  • Formalize the non-compliance analysis and resolution
  • Master the accesses and validation of you noncompliance document storage (Reports, norms, etc.)
  • Generate reliable indicators on your quality process
  • Guarantee the traceability of your quality information
  • Gain time during information research
Associated TEEXMA® functionalities 
  • Workflow
  • Follow up on the non-compliance status
  • Monitoring of the resolution method 
  • Integration of analysis phrases, validations…
  • Close an incident
  • The multicriteria selection for a transversal view of the data
  • Put indicators in place 
  • Documentary extraction for transmission of the information in a formalized report 
  • Automatic edition of non-compliance reports
  • Widgets and KPI
  • Dynamic tabs of the non-compliances to treat
  • Priority filing 
  • Interface with a customizable content
  • E-mail notifications with contextual information and attachments
  • Ensure the follow-up of the non-compliances
  • Beneficiate of a data transversal view from the multicriteria selection 
  • Analyse the recurrence causes to set up easily preventive actions 
  • Avoid input mistakes from thanks to the automatic document edition
  • Beneficiate a better job process traceability
  • Easily follow the problem resolution from the widget and KPI
  • Ensure the customer satisfaction by the sending of personalized  surveys


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