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The capitalization of technical data in the development of new materials is a major challenge for innovation. The management of test requests and related results is essential for a quality approach, optimization of costs and exploitation of the work already carried out. In the aeronautics sector, the combination of technical data and the tests carried out is necessary in order to capitalize, track, trace and secure the technical assets of the laboratories.

To meet these requirements, TEEXMA® has many advantages. It allows managing all the components of the laboratories but also the requirements of exploitation of the data materials, all in a tool modern and easy to use:

Test request management:

  • Management of test requests with visualization of the pending activity, planning and execution
  • Formalization of a test plan based on the material and associating the following steps: Cutting, Machining, Thermal Treatment, Shotblasting, Mechanical Testing, Thermal Testing, etc.
  • Definition of cutting, machining and testing conditions for each stage
  • Management of the different types of mechanical tests: Fatigue, Cracking, Flexion, Creep, Resilience, Tenacity, Traction, etc.
  • Management of different types of thermal tests: brazing, corrosion, erosion, oxidation, etc.
  • Management of the specimens as soon as they are received in the laboratory with their description: Material, Preliminary treatments they have undergone, Geometry, Type of test piece, etc.
  • Process management through the Workflow module adaptable to each client context
  • Management of subcontracting: Consultations and assignments of business to be carried out
  • Multi-site and multi-laboratory management of test requests
Laboratory data management:
  • Equipment management: maintenance, calibration and all related technical documentation
  • Management of training of technicians and periods of validity of accreditations
  • Supplies management: stocks, suppliers, replenishment rates with notifications to alert the right people
  • Management of resources and planning with algorithms to optimize the occupancy rate of machines taking into account the types of equipment, the planned delays and the priorities of the tests to be carried out
  • Data analysis
  • Benefit from operational indicators for laboratories: work in progress, planning rate, response rate, etc.
  • Have KPI on subcontractors to evaluate them.
  • Save time in drafting test reports from Template Clients through the Document Extraction Module.
  • Automatically generate curves from machine files.
  • Generate interpolations, extrapolations, polynomial regressions on the curves resulting from the raw data of the machines.
  • Manage control charts to visualize possible drifts of results obtained with respect to equipment, subcontractors, etc.
  • Making multi-criteria selections for better exploitation of data
  • Statistically analyze all material data with the possibility of a graphical representation of the results (correlations, etc.)


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