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TEEXMA® LIMS Chemistry / Pharma

The management of laboratories is a major stake of the quality control and research & development activities for the pharmacy sector. 
It manages the organization, planning and rendering of analysis requests while guaranteeing the quality of the products analyzed. In particular, the management of requests for analyzes and associated results is critical to ensure quality, cost optimization and exploitation of the work already carried out. 
This is why it is necessary to capitalize, track, trace and secure the experimental heritage of laboratories.

TEEXMA®, thanks to its modern design allows compliance with regulatory constraints. Its user-friendly processing functions are ideal for ensuring the reliability of the results. To meet these requirements, TEEXMA® has many advantages:

Analysis requests:
  • Management of analysis requests and/or lots (Statutes)
  • Project management, studies
  • Formalization of a sampling plan to be carried out on the samples
  • Multi-site and multi-laboratory management of analysis requests
  • Follow-up of operating procedures
  • Managing the Analysis Library
  • Process management through the Workflow module adaptable to each client context
  • Management of subcontracting: consultations and assignments of business to be carried out
  • Management of requests by operator, laboratory, site, and by type of analysis
  • Management of the electronic signature
  • Audit trail: tracking all transactions with "who does what?"
The context for the laboratory data:
  • Equipment management: maintenance, calibration of all associated technical documentation
  • Management of the operators' authorization file
  • Inventory management and reagents: management of stocks, suppliers, replenishment rates with notifications to alert good interlocutors
  • Management of resources and planning with algorithms to optimize the occupancy rate of machines taking into account the types of equipment, the planned delays and the priorities of the tests to be carried out
Data Exploitation:
  • Establishment of operational indicators to measure laboratory activity
  • Implementation of KPI on subcontracted business
  • Implementation of document extractions from Template Clients to generate study reports.
  • Automatic generation of curves from machine files
  • Ability to generate interpolations, extrapolations, polynomial regressions on raw data curves from equipment
  • Management of control cards to visualize possible drifts of results obtained with respect to equipment, subcontractors, etc.
  • Implementation of non-conformity workflows: CAPA
  • Exploitation of this repository by simply making multi-criteria selections
  • Statistical analysis on the whole of the experimental data with the possibility of graphically representing the results, the correlations, etc.


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