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Documentary Management

A good documentary management goes through the capacity to manage complex relations between information, to follow modifications while respecting the quality of the documentation.

It ensures the storage, monitoring, control and sharing of information and has to enable the delivery of the final documentation in any format.

TEEXMA® allows:

  • To find and retrieve information product information through the electronic channel via a central data repository
  • Guarantee a control of the documents distribution
  • Enhance the data security and the anti-sinister mechanisms: Storage in a central system, with backup and archiving 
  • Ensure a better conformity to regulations: Security checks, journal files, archiving functionality and after-incident data recuperation operation. 
  • To obtain a global view on the totality of the documents
  • To structure documents associated with technical data
  • To have the last version of the document up to date
  • To create automatically documents on templates defined according to the company’s charter.
  • To validate and approve the documents with an electrical signature
  • To trace documents in their whole and avoid input mistakes   


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