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Technical Data Management


The workflow enables you to answer numerous stakes, including : 

  • Increase the productivity and shorten the arrival of market delays by automating the processes and minimizing the efforts associated with the tasks dispatch. 
  • Ensure that for each task all steps have been well followed
  • Integrate un control process for the information return in a closed loop which captures the figurate data, identifies bottlenecks and resolves problems
  • Reduce the costs by suppressing routing expenses, by optimizing the task dispatch per resources, by limiting supervision needs by the responsible and by soliciting less the project leaders
Nomenclature Management

Main Challenges:

  • Rationalize the collaboration processes in conception and reduce this way the costs and delays of the arrival on the market of the products
  • Manage and ensure the following up of versions to associate them with the product versions
  • Propose a coherent communication methodology  for the totality of the disciplines
  • Save time for the project life cycle view enabling the simultaneous development of the fabrication of the study nomenclature, starting at the conception phase
  • Enhance the traceability of the conception of intellectual property data and the software configuration to enable the knowledge capture and the data reuse
Configurations and modification data Management

TEEXMA® PLM enables to:

  • Capture the numerical content in a unique and secure environment so that all updates, levelling up and milestones of  a product configuration will systematically be managed and will be subject to a systematic monitoring
  • Structure a standardized, automated and repeatable process which facilitates a fast and exact communication of modifications
  • Enable your internal interveners (suppliers, partners, clients) in a way they could interact with the product information updated, and communicate easily the modifications, depending on the accessibility parameters defined by their relation level
  • Align tightly the planification of the fabrication process on the conception modifications in a way that the fabrication can imply itself earlier and stronger in the modification process
Product Analysis

TEEXMA® PLM enables to:

  • Exploit conception data managed in the product nomenclature system (a nomenclature conceived as in a PDM system or a nomenclature “built as” in an ERP system), as well as the principal data sources situated elsewhere in the company or in the logistics chain
  • Exploit data from the different database and isolated functional containers in diverse formats, ensure the follow-up of the data quality, analyse the data, generate central dashboards  with several perspectives and based on the data
  • Furnish data in an appropriate format to the internal interveners (studying engineers, fabrication engineers, purchases responsible, marketing and sales, etc.) and external (clients, auditors, regulations organism, etc.)
Components and supplier management

Main Challenges:

By carefully selecting parts and suppliers, companies are able to  :

  • Reduce the costs
  • Enhance product quality
  • Enhance the compliance with environmental regulations
  • Accelerate the market entrance and increase profitability

TEEXMA® enables to:

  • Control formal processes for the creation and sharing of new conception data. These controls systematically authorize and impose the reuse of the qualified components, and standardises and automates the process of new article demands
  • Record company components: A complete and dynamic information repository for all relevant components characteristics for the product development
Manufacturing Process Management

TEEXMA® enables to:

  • Extend the problem reports, demands and change notification to the fabrication nomenclatures, varieties, resources and fabrication documents. 
  • Control the engineering and fabrication data evolution through comune revisions and configuration services.
  • Automate the engineering and fabrication data exit towards downstream production systems (ERP/MES for example)
  • Generate dynamically, on demand, precise and complete work instructions for the workshop. 
  • Define numerically, manage and analyse the specific varieties in a factory, sequences included, operations and under-operations, resources affectation and hours and costs ventilation.
  • Apply the automated CN fabrication process reuse, tested and standardised by integrating fabrication process data into the conception library.            


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