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Technical Expertise Management®

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The BASSETTI Group specializes in the publishing and integration of business software for the industry. 

Its main subsidiary Bassetti France SAS is the founder of the Management of Technical Expertise®, which consists in pooling knowledge in order to ensure the sustainability of knowledge within the company. It publishes and integrates TEEXMA®, a software designed to capitalize on and enhance the value-added technical knowledge of industrial companies. 

With a strong organic growth exceeding 30% annually, the Group is also developing an external growth strategy with an increasing international presence. The acquisition of companies with related businesses in synergy with its core business allows the Bassetti Group to expand its skills and respond more strongly to the needs of its customers. 

Humanity has always been at the heart of the Bassetti group's concerns in all its activities. Guided by a humanistic ideal, we are animated by a strong ethic based on trust and mutual aid. We strive to ensure that the interests of the company coincide as closely as possible with the interests of each of its employees. Our teams cultivate a sense of belonging to an ambitious project that works to achieve the objectives of our clients.


Our activities

Publishing and Integration of TEEXMA® software, designed to structure, capitalize and value data with a high added value of industrial companies. TEEXMA® allows to answer several business problems, and breaks up under different product lines, namely:

TEEXMA® MATERIALS: which consists of structuring, centralizing, capitalizing and valorising material data, searching for materials, selecting materials and making correlations and statistics, etc.
TEEXMA® KM: Knowledge management in the world of industry, clarification and capitalization of good practices to be implemented.
TEEXMA® Environment: allow to answer to different environmental regulations, to manage the chemical risk better, its MSDS and to make environmental reporting
TEEXMA® LIMS: ensures the management of data from laboratories. (traceability of test data, management of test requests, automatic creation of test reports, evaluation of test results.)
TEEXMA® PLM: Manage all data associated with the product lifecycle, requirements, bill of materials, etc.
TEEXMA® Quality: Manages non-compliances, failures and supplier quality.

TEEXMA® Maintenance: allow managing all the maintenance activities, namely: Support, integrated logistic support, maintenance in Operational Condition.
TEEXMA® MPM: Methods data management, ranges, simogram, Chrono-Analyzes, Video-Analyzes.

Technical data provider on industrial components

BASSETTI Data Provider is specializes in providing technical and environmental data for its customers.
BASSETTI Data Provider is a subsidiary of BASSETTI, specialized for more than 20 years in the development and integration of technical and scientific data management software: TEEXMA®.
The fact is that engineers lose a lot of time searching for and integrating technical data, whereas they should be able to concentrate on tasks with higher added value. The company BASSETTI Data Provider was created to enable engineers to find their core business while continuing to obtain quality data in real time.
More specifically, our activity consists of providing technical content on your industrial components: 
•    Environmental compliance data (REACh et RoHS)
•    Material Data Safety Sheet (MDSS)
•    Updated lists of regulatory substances
•    Conflict Minerals Questionnaires (CMRT)
•    Technical data on materials and components

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