BASSETTI Group, the French specialist in the digitalization of technical expertise, will be present at the upcoming European FMEA Congress on May 24 and 25 in Vienna, Austria. Robust Engineering Software, a part of the TEEXMA® for Quality solution, will be showcased by the group at the event. This software allows companies to facilitate the management of various FMEAs by digitizing all of their knowledge within a single database, in web mode. This applies throughout the design process, from product to process.
Indeed, FMEA is an essential tool of the quality management system (problem solving, APQP etc). A method that consists of analyzing all potential failures that may occur in a product or its manufacturing process. Each type of failure corresponds to a type of FMEA: “Design” for those related to design problems and “Process” for those related to manufacturing errors.
Collaborative and easy to use, this FMEA solution allows you to manage different risk studies within the same software license: Product FMEA, Process FMEA, Control Plan, DRBFM, job instructions, flow diagrams/synoptics of manufacturing, action plans, identification and justification of special characteristics.
Structure and leverage FMEA studies within a single database
Available in both cloud and on premise web versions, the software suite stands out for its flexibility (fully customizable to adapt to each industrial context), modularity (a multitude of modules can be activated depending on needs) and integration into existing Information Systems (ERP, PLM, CRM, etc.).
It provides a common working platform, facilitating communication between different teams involved in a project: R&D, quality, engineering, production, maintenance. Significant time saving (up to 50%) in carrying out FMEA studies are observed, usually within 10 months after training on the software. While Robust Engineering Software allows you to share data in libraries (lists of organized and limited information, often a few words to possibly fill several columns – effects / modes / causes / prevention methods – of an FMEA table), it also allows the creation of cumulative generic FMEAs. This innovative computerized concept developed by KNOWLLENCE is a strategic response to the trend of reducing the development cycles of a new product. It gives designers the means to reuse existing projects to improve efficiency, without compromising on quality.
With indicators, dynamic reporting and notifications, Robust Engineering Software allows operational management of action plans and contributes to the implementation of the dematerialized digital factory. This management system streamlines the dissemination of risk management actions, from the generic to all relevant similar product references.
Furthermore, the monitoring of all special or critical characteristics – from function criteria, component characteristics, and process operation parameters – is also optimized and consistency is maintained throughout the design and manufacturing process. Alerts are automatically triggered in case of any modification, at any level. The software also guarantees the consistency and propagation of the effects rating associated with these characteristics.
Managed within the same database and sharing the same data, control plans are managed consistently with the Process FMEA. It is also possible to create control plans and characteristics from the detection of the Process FMEA, avoiding any discrepancies between it and the Control Plan, and limiting the risks of non conformities during audits. As an output deliverable of the FMEA, the control plan constitutes an entry point for Quality Control and the backbone of an efficient global Quality approach proposed by the BASSETTI GROUP.
FMEA in TEEXMA®: Optimized for Quality Management
By joining BASSETTI in 2018, KNOWLLENCE has complemented the BASSETTI group’s expertise in risk management. Its solutions – recognized and deployed worldwide by major industrial groups (automotive, aerospace, energy, chemistry…) – fully integrates with the BASSETTI GROUP’s solutions. This is particularly true for its TEEXMA® for Quality solution, which helps prevent information loss and ensures considerable time savings in the processing of non conformities.
Electronic Document Management (EDM), audits, non-conformities, problem resolution (8D, PDCA, QRQC…), action plan implementation, feedback… This software suite aims to cover all the needs of a Total Quality Management System – each module can be integrated independently or combined within a single technology. The information entered and recorded in the database is traced, verified and easily accessible, ensuring efficient knowledge transfer between stakeholders. This is particularly useful for production validation, which usually involves a quality control system that companies put in place to justify compliance with a number of standards (starting with ISO 9001).
Regarding non-conformities, their recording, analysis, and follow-up are fully optimized. An electronic form allows relevant services to quickly and homogeneously enter all pertinent information. The non-conformity forms are then automatically routed to the quality service thanks to the workflow system integrated into the tool. The interconnection with FMEA is bidirectional in this case: the latter enriches, through its defect library, the analysis of non-conformities, while the same analysis is used to update FMEA, actions, and associated documentation.
The BASSETTI GROUP has been able to deploy its quality risk management solutions globally in numerous companies, across various industrial sectors. Successful implementations include the French national rail company SNCF, many automotive suppliers such as Forvia, Plastic Omnium, and Signify, as well as Framatome, an international leader in nuclear energy.
From the digitalization of various FMEA risk studies to regulatory compliance – for example, with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, EN 9100 standards -, the complementarity of TEEXMA® for Quality with Robust Engineering Software makes it an integrated solution for functional coverage of Quality Management and performance. It offers considerable time and productivity gains, allowing personnel in Research & Development (R&D) centers and laboratories – especially those involved in Quality Control (QC) – in all types of industries to refocus their energy on their core activities and higher value tasks
Founded in 1992 in Grenoble, the BASSETTI GROUP specializes in the digitalization of technical expertise in the industrial world. The KNOWLLENCE team specializes in Quality and Safety Risk Management. The group provides more than 200,000 users worldwide with an “End to End” software solution designed to digitialize the technical data and high-value knowledge of industrial companies. In addition to this software development business, it offers consulting services in the field of corporate knowledge management.

The group employs nearly 400 people worldwide and has 15 subsidiaries based in France, China, Canada, India, the United States, and Germany. It is pursuing a strategy of organic and external growth and has recorded an average annual revenue increase of 30% for over 10 years.