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In today’s world, health and pharmaceutical companies must prioritize digitalization and innovation.

BASSETTI develops solutions for the healthcare industry and supports them in their R&D and production projects for drugs and medical devices. With ever-increasing needs for quality and personalization, the digitalization and streamlining of processes is at the core of health and pharmaceutical operations. New technologies are developing more powerful tools than ever before to improve the quality of healthcare services and products offered while reducing costs.


This segment of the healthcare industry includes pharmaceutical as well as biotechnology companies. The sector is impacted, more than any other, by safety, health and societal considerations, and strong regulations related to good manufacturing practices, clinical practices and laboratory practices.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Mainly impacted by FDA regulations, the need for quality management and data traceability of medical device manufacturers have never been so high. BASSETTI supports customers with compliance for various regulations and standards. The Medical Device Suite solution allows you to manage the ISO 14971 risks, the IEC 62366 fitness for use and the design of your medical devices.

& Health Centers

Healthcare services include hospitals and clinics. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) certifies the quality and safety standards and makes recommendations or requirements for improvement. The centralization of the information system and the digitalization of processes increase the accessibility to care, as well as its quality.

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In today's climate, healthcare manufacturers are forced to adapt to increasing demand for personalized medications and healthcare solutions.


Faced with the emergence of new industry entrants and increasingly innovative technologies, it's important to continuously improve positioning in an extremely competitive sector.


Since social security systems cannot absorb all costs, manufacturers need to automate certain low-level processes to reduce costs.


Easy access to care as well as the quality of health products must be a priority for the professionals in this industry.


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