BASSETTI launches TEEXMA® Maintenance

Caucasian engineer mechanic man checking for maintenance pressin


BASSETTI launches a new product line: TEEXMA® Maintenance, designed for the management of technical data related to the maintenance of industrial equipment and systems.

In fact, BASSETTI has been called upon several times to carry out this type of project and it is this strong experience in the field that has led the company to make a dedicated offer. The “Maintenance” offer, proposed by BASSETTI, allows the management of different domains, in particular, that of ILS (Integrated Logistics Support) and MCO (Maintenance in Operational Condition).

A l’occasion de l’officialisation de son offre, BASSETTI organisera une journée conférence dédiée à la problématique de maintenance des systèmes complexes. Lors de ce futur évènement, des entreprises ayant opté pour TEEXMA® Maintenance interviendront. Il s’agira de la DGAC, THALES ALENIA SPACE et AREVA JSPM.

To learn more about our product line TEEXMA® Maintenance, please visit our website:

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