Energy and Nuclear

BASSETTI supports the digitalization process for the energy sector.

The energy industry includes the manufacturing, refining, extraction, and distribution of energy, whether renewable or not. The sector is strongly impacted by environmental and safety regulations, resulting in a profound digital transformation of the market. The BASSETTI GROUP, with more than 30 years of experience with industrialists in the energy world, is helping this transition to digital by structuring, capitalizing, and disseminating data, knowledge, and technical, scientific, and human know-how

Energy producers

Energy producers (extraction, refining, production) are subject to intense regulation (environment, safety) as well as to changing customer needs. The BASSETTI GROUP supports its customers, actors in the energy production, by ensuring a complete management and traceability of materials, components and energy production processes.

Energy provider

Companies operating in the transport and distribution of energy (electricity, gas, water, oil, etc.) have a strong need for traceability and maintenance of network equipment (linear equipment, physical assets, support systems, etc.). The constraints linked to safety are strong, implying a thorough digitalization of activities (Geographic Information System, CMMS, etc.)


Le nucléaire (civile, militaire ou d’extraction d’uranium) est un segment à part entière de l’industrie énergétique. L’ASN, organe régulateur de l’industrie, impose de fortes contraintes réglementaires sur les entreprises du secteur (radioactivité, gestion des EIP, risques de contaminations, etc…).

Your challenges


Pollution, accidents, toxic products, energy costs... So many challenges for sustainable energy


The quality and purity of finished products are a permanent challenge for the materials industry today


The management, maintenance and optimization of installations is a major challenge for the industry in order to maintain an impeccable level of safety


Faced with the emergence of new players or the transition to renewables, energy companies rely on process innovation and digital transformation to remain competitive

A word from our clients

Our solutions for the energy and nuclea industry


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We would like to inform you that the data in this form may be used by our services to respond to your request.