Health & Pharmaceutical

Digitalization and innovation for health services.

The BASSETTI GROUP develops and integrates solutions for industrialists in the health sector, supporting them in their research, development, and production projects for medicines and medical devices. The digitization of processes is today at the center of the considerations of healthcare companies, with ever-increasing needs for quality and customization. New technologies are now powerful levers to improve the supply of care and reduce costs.

Pharmaceutical Industry

This segment of the health industry includes pharmaceutical laboratories and biotechnology companies. The sector is impacted, more than any other, by safety, health and societal considerations, with strong regulation linked to good manufacturing practices, good clinical practices and laboratory practices.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Mainly impacted by the new European regulation 2017/745 by the ANSM, the needs in quality management and traceability of medical devices manufacturers have never been so high. The BASSETTI Group supports its clients in complying with this new regulation.

Hospitals and Care Centers

Healthcare structures include hospitals and clinics (MCO, SSR, HAD, PSY). The High Authority for Health (HAS) certifies the structures on quality and safety and formulates recommendations or obligations for improvement. The harmonisation of the information system and the digitalisation of processes allows an increase in the accessibility of care, as well as its quality.

Your challenges


Healthcare products require adaptation on the part of healthcare manufacturers, due to a strong desire of customers for customization and demanding processes


Faced with the emergence of new players and increasingly innovative technologies, maintain your position in an extremely competitive sector


As social security systems cannot absorb all costs, manufacturers need to automate certain low value-added processes in order to generate savings


Easy access to care and quality of healthcare products must be a priority for the industry

A word from our clients

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We would like to inform you that the data in this form may be used by our services to respond to your request.