Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is pivotal to a company’s success. Multidisciplinary and highly managerial, KM issues involve all the actors of the company in the procurement, organization and sharing of internal or external knowledge. The BASSETTI Group, the creator of technical expertise management, supports its customers in the management of intellectual property and enhances the know-how of business experts.

Manage the knowledge life cycle

Collect, identify, analyze, organize, capitalize and share technical knowledge among all the members of the organization.

Involve the entire organization in a KM approach

We are able to leverage our intellectual property further when we promote the transfer of knowledge between different actors within a business.

Digitizing knowledge within the IS

Know-how being an intangible resource, its integration within an efficient information system allows a perfect exploitation of the knowledge

Develop the autonomy of engineers

The training of business engineers and organizational changes are at the heart of KM, in order to fill the gaps related to the departure of experts

Why choose BASSETTI for the digital transformation of your business?​​

BASSETTI has developed a software suite dedicated to the world of knowledge management.

    • Centralize data and technical knowledge in a unique interface to facilitate their exploitation.
    • Set up expertise channels in order to ensure perfect recognition of experts, good evaluation and management of their performance.
    • Build a unique repository whose intellectual property is controlled and whose distribution is validated by the business experts.

    • Share information with all departments in a performance-oriented manner by promoting synergies.

BASSETTI also offers a unique solution to interface with the other services involved:

  • Quality: Nonconformities, managed by the quality department, can hinder a good design the first time. The transmission of information between the two departments must be optimal.

  • Maintenance: A complex product requires maintenance in operational condition. The design office needs feedback from maintenance in order to design the best possible product.

  • R&D: In order to achieve the design, the design office must select the materials according to certain criteria and calculation models provided by R&D.

Our solutions adapted to your needs​

TEEXMA® for Knowledge Management


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