WEBINARS: AIAG-VDA Methods & Solutions for
Design & Process FMEAs (Knowllence)

In these webinars, you will learn how to effectively complete FMEAs according to various standards.

Main Points:

  1. Learn how to perform FMEAs compliant with OEM CSR and IATF rules
  2. Understand and achieve compliance with the 7 step AIAG-VDA FMEA Process
  3. How to ensure consistency between your FMEA and Control Plans
  4. How to perform RFMEAs

Benefits of the AIAG & VDA FMEA:

  1. Tie functional analysis to Design FMEA, Process FMEA, Control Plans, etc.
  2. Easy to implement
  3. Accessible from anywhere (ex. desktop, mobile, etc.)
  4. Gain consistency and efficiency
  5. Easily and efficiently collaborate with customers, auditors and your internal project teams
  6. Ensure flexibility in your FMEA working sessions to meet your process needs


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