The modular and configurable solution to manage all your laboratory activities


The modular and configurable solution to manage all your laboratory activities

The management of laboratories is a major challenge for development activities for industries. In particular, the management of test requests and associated results is critical to ensure quality, cost optimization and exploitation of the work already carried out.

It is, therefore, necessary to utilize, monitor, trace and secure the technical assets of laboratories in regulated environments.


Plan the activity and optimize your resources

Manage parts and samples

Automate Report Writing

Establish electronic document management (EDM)

Ensure traceability of experimental data

Capitalize on and enhance the value of test results

Conduct satisfaction surveys

Manage your R&D projects


TEEXMA® LIMS provides you with modular solutions for the management of your laboratory activities:

Test Request Management

Dynamic forms

Management of all types of
data and files

Alert system and notifications by
e-mail or dashboard

Integrated validation module

Configurable workflow module

Planning, Test reports management

Customizable and dynamic views
of the activity

Highlighting critical paths
and overloads

Equipment and resource allocations

Availability calculation “at the earliest”

Acquisition of results

The results entry form is configurable and flexible according to your needs

Possible capitalization of all types of documents (videos, audio, office automation)

Standard connectors available with many test machines

Web application accessible from tablets/smartphones

Standardize Responses

Document extraction module to automatically generate reports in the desired format (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.)

Leveraging document management within an integrated electronic document management system

Flexible workflow and alert and notification module (emails, dashboard) to distribute the response


TEEXMA® LIMS is a high value-added solution for the management of all laboratory activities:

To be in compliance with the regulations in force

TEEXMA® LIMS allows you to manage rights by the user, manage electronic signatures of documents, manage audits, and ensure full traceability of tests.  The solution allows compliance with the 17025 standards.

Enhance your productivity

Your experts focus on their core business, thanks to the automatic extraction of test reports. Time reduction is facilitated by the development of a customizable planning process. Data extraction becomes a fast step thanks to the automation and configuration of reports.

Increase the quality of your laboratory

By digitizing your laboratory, you can ensure the conformity of your data repository, by having access to all the technical specifications and operating procedures.

Transversalizing knowledge

The tool will allow you to manage and capitalize on your knowledge. Thus the Experts will not make several tests already carried out, which saves time.

Discover our solution:

A LIMS offer dedicated to:

Automotive & Transportation

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Aeronautics & Space



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BASSETTI's LIMS solution allows us to manage the increase in the laboratory with cost control and to maintain a good quality of customer service by sending automatic emails to our customers at the various stages of the process and to inform them about the progress of the project.


10 laboratories are involved in the project, and the BASSETTI team has been proactive and very reactive to our needs.


We now have better visibility into the life cycle and development of our products. There are so many possibilities with this new system.


Laboratory Information Management System LIMS

Laboratory Information Management System LIMS : Laboratory Activities Management

Laboratory Information Management System LIMS : Tests Requests Management, Tests Planning, Automatic Extraction of Tests Reports, Results Acquisition