Setting up a LIMS is a decisive period in the life of an R&D laboratory. BASSETTI understood this and did not just transcribe processes on computer screens. BASSETTI's expertise is involved in this project from the evaluation of the needs up to the final solution.


TEEXMA® LIMS was selected to harmonize practices and tools for all sectors of the materials and expertise department at Safran Helicopter Engines.

Safran Helicopter Engines

We now have better visibility on the life cycle and development of our products. There are so many possibilities with this new system.


BASSETTI's LIMS solution allows us to manage the growth of the laboratory with cost control and to maintain a good quality of customer service with automatic mailings to our customers at the different stages of the process and to inform them about the progress of the project.



The modular and configurable solution to manage all your laboratory activities

Fully customizable, the Workflow module adapts to each customer context and allows business processes to be modeled within TEEXMA® in order to guide the user in their use.
TEEXMA® has all the necessary technologies for integration into the information system to interface with other tools (ERP, PLM, Data Warehouse, etc.) and to connect to devices to ensure digital continuity.
TEEXMA® enables the generation and versioning of quotes following the customer request by integrating cost items and invoicing.
A catalog of raw materials is available in TEEXMA® including a formulation module: traceability of recipes made, stock management, updating of environmental and regulatory data: SDS.
TEEXMA® provides a staff skills matrix for the test library, equipment, or standards to ensure traceability of the credentials obtained for each technician.
TEEXMA® allows the standardization of a single equipment management reference system that ensures the traceability of the equipment used during testing and the construction of its life record (management of preventive and curative maintenance, calibrations, etc.).
TEEXMA® includes management of subcontractor consultations and monitoring of the laboratory’s external activity. Portals are also available for subcontractors to provide them with a platform for digital continuity of the test lifecycle.
TEEXMA® fully supports planning processes that include real-time load calculations, technician availability, scheduled equipment maintenance in the form of GANTT charts and fully configurable schedules.
The TEEXMA® ELN module allows you to leverage, structure, and secure your research activity by documenting your projects and analyses in an ergonomic tool that makes it easy to use your data.
TEEXMA® is available on mobile applications to support operators in the field with or without a network. The collection of results becomes automated, reliable and secure.
TEEXMA® has its own document generation tool that requires no additional installation or licensing. Based on customer templates, TEEXMA® automatically generates reports in Word, Excel, or PDF formats.
TEEXMA® provides interactive dashboards to manage laboratory activities and facilitate the exploitation of their technical assets: multi-criteria searches, control charts, statistical studies, etc.


The ideal solution is to ensure digital continuity throughout the testing lifecycle  and its application




your laboratory activities


your planning process


the traceability of your data

Make it easier

to obtain accreditation

Add value to

your test results


your technical legacy


edit your reports


the quality of your deliverables


customers satisfaction

TEEXMA® for LIMS allows you to:

Manage your requests

Plan your activity

Track your products

  • Configurable Workflow Module
  • Customizable and dynamic forms
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Sending personalized e-mails
  • Management of resources and their authorizations
  • Integration of equipment and their interventions
  • Real-time load calculation
  • GANTT and/or Agenda View
  • Product Lifecycle Construction
  • Integration of barcodes or QR codes
  • Sample storage management
  • Follow-up of products sent to subcontractors

Build on your results

Edit your reports

Leverage your technical heritage

  • Connecting to equipment
  • Manually input on a computer or off site
  • Calculating of remarkable values
  • Compare specifications
  • Template customization
  • Report approvals and versioning
  • Integrated electronic signature
  • Integration of reports within EDM
  • Text search and multi-criteria selection
  • Data comparisons and statistics
  • Overlaying curves
  • Native export to desktop tools


TEEXMA® LIMS is a high value-added solution for the management of all laboratory activities:



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