TEEXMA® Maintenance

Reduce costs, increase availability, support your processes, track everything

TEEXMA®  Maintenance

Reduce costs, increase availability, support your processes, track everything

TEEXMA® Maintenance manages all the maintenance processes, from the intervention request to the planning, to the execution of the intervention and then finally to the edition of the report.


Control your fleet and its configurations

Plan your interventions and optimize your resources

Track events on your equipment

Centralize intervention requests to better redistribute them

Create and upgrade your maintenance ranges and automatically generate work orders

Manage your stocks and purchase requests

Analyze a global situation with personalized indicators

Handle your technical facts with a quality or technical analysis process


+ Availability – Cost

Your technicians can focus on their main activity thanks to automatic
scheduling and will have quick access to strategic information in order to perform maintenance tasks.

Improve maintenance traceability

By digitizing your maintenance, you will have an up-to-date repository, which lists the standards maintenance ranges, the status of your assets and their history.

Analyse, adapt, overcome

TEEXMA® maintenance manages quality processes and technical analysis after incidents. This way, you can quickly react and improve your tasks lists, periodicities, processes and documentation.

Create a transverse knowledge

TEEXMA® Maintenance will help you to manage your knowledge, avoiding experts repeating the same trial or at least guiding them towards an estimation of the results.



TEEXMA® Maintenance has the capacity to find the next available slot for maintenance according to personnel and equipment availability. The customizable and dynamic view of the activity highlight critical paths and overload periods.


Our multi-functional software can connect to current software systems that are being utilized by your company. BASSETTI has dedicated system integrators that can work with your IT teams to ensure multi system functions.


The alerts and notifications system by email or dashboard allow you to easily monitor your maintenance activities progress. TEEXMA® Maintenance workflow modules are totally configurable according to your needs.

A Maintenance offer dedicated to:

Automotive & Transportation

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Aeronautics & Space



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TEEXMA® was chosen for its native material functionalities and the ability to adapt it to specific needs.


The team has been a proactive force and very responsive to our needs. The atmosphere is very friendly and they know how to adapt themselves to people according to their technical knowledge.


We now have better visibility into the life cycle and development of our products. There are so many possibilities with this new system.


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