ABOUT TEEXMA® for Materials

Accessibility to all your material data
Integration of your material data
Interfacing TEEXMA® for Materials
with other TEEXMA® software.
Functionality to define your dimensioning data
Connectors to share your material data

WHY CHOOSE TEEXMA® for Materials


the traceability of data


dimensioning data from test data


for materials easily


your additive manufacturing business


a materials database


material characterization and new product development costs


and select materials


dimensioning data in design and simulation tools

TEEXMA® for Materials ALLOWS YOU TO:

Materials database

Supply of Materials data

Validation of Materials data

Statistical analysis

Access all of your materials data through an intuitive and secure, full web-based application, accessible throughout the company.

Visualize your data via dynamic forms that can be modified and configured according to your needs.

Benefit from the integration of materials dataaccording to your needs directly into the application (SENVOL, MMPDS, JAHM, and many other databases containing commercial grades or standardized materials).

Benefit from proven functionalities in order toguarantee the validity of available data, with data security via the rights management module and workflow modules, ensuring complete traceability of your activity.

Rely on advanced calculation and graphical analysis functionalities for the definition of your dimensioning data.

Materials card management

Knowledge management

Environmental compliance

Comparison and selection of Materials

Benefit from privileged connectors to share your materials data with the members of the design office, and utilize them within the design and simulation tools.

Benefit from knowledge sharing and knowledge management support. In order to be able to edit design rules, Leverage your Experts’ Lessons Learned on the use and choice of materials during different projects.
Your substance and regulatory lists benefit from support in monitoring your environmental compliance.
Benefit fromadvanced features for searching, selecting, and comparing material data.

DISCOVER TEEXMA® for Additive Manufacturing


Control your costs

Reduce costs by automating low value-added tasks.

Benefit from a structured materials database

Centralize and structure your materials data in a single repository.

Share you knowledge

Share and leverage your materials knowledge.

Guarantee valid data

Guarantee the validity to access materials data.

Take advantage of a solution that can be interfaced with your existing tools

Synchronize your data with other information systems.

Benefit from a scalable and flexible solution

Benefit from a scalable and flexible database to develop your tool autonomously.

TEEXMA® for Materials IN INDUSTRY:




The luxury industry covers many product categories (fashion, accessories, automobiles…) but is characterized by the use of noble materials. TEEXMA® for Materials helps you to design your luxury products and to adapt them to the growing environmental issues by ensuring traceability in all your processes.Support your designers’ creativity and creation of complex geometry parts by supporting your Additive Manufacturing activities with high-quality powders and precious metals.

The design of an aeronautical or automotive vehicle undoubtedly involves the issue of safety. TEEXMA® for Materials supports your design processes for single or serial products, from small electronic parts to complete vehicles via a material selection module (research, composition, comparison…).

Also support your additive manufacturing processes in order to keep freedom in the design, speed of implementation but also reduce your investments in specific tools.
Proper management of composite materials in the railway sector offers several benefits to railway rolling stock: increased life, comfort, capacity, and strength, savings on energy and maintenance, as well as reduced wear and tear on tracks and equipment.

TEEXMA® for Materials offers you complete design support for your rolling stock, from the management and selection of components to the calculation of recyclability and recoverability (ISO 21106 certification.




TEEXMA® for Materials helps you to comply with the EU MDR directive, which comes into force in May 2021, on the aspects of traceability, materials, and substances used, as well as physical and chemical characterization.

Increase the customization, geometric complexity, and functional integration of your products, reduce your costs and increase your availability by supporting your Additive Manufacturing process.

We also support you in your compliance needs, whether it be to ISO 10993 or environmental concerns.

Formulation of materials aims to meet technical, regulatory and specification constraints to design and characterise a product.

TEEXMA® for Materials supports the manufacture of stable materials by supporting your process of selecting and comparing your base active compounds and fillers to achieve the expected functional properties.

Keep control of your multi-component and multi-phase mixtures, regardless of the industry sector your company is involved in.
Materials and processes in the energy sector are involved at all levels, from the production and exploitation of resources to the transport and storage of energy.

The priority in this industry is therefore to define suitable new materials or to increase the performance of existing ones and to save energy.

TEEXMA® for Materials assists you in addressing your technological challenges and energy transition issues. Support your additive manufacturing processes to facilitate your R&D projects and technology transfers, and drive your rapid maintenance processes for part changes.


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