TEEXMA® Materials

Structure, mutualise, and increase the value of your materials data

TEEXMA® Materials

Structure, mutualise, and increase the value your materials data


Build a Materials database

Ensure the traceability of your data

Quickly search for data on a material

Produce materials selection guides

Share Feedback on Materials

Calculate Materials properties from raw test data

Obtain support for sizing, calculation and numerical simulation

Automatically write your procurement specifications


Selection of material data:

Request the entire database

Compare different families of materials

Propose personalized material choice guide


Materials database

Obtain a database that can be adapted to the different services

Structure all your material data and share your feedback

Manage different families and data sources

Guarantee the traceability of your material data


Sizing, calculation and simulation support: 

Generate usable calculation maps

Facilitate the analysis of the same material according to different calculation methods

Encourage critical analysis by establishing confidence indices


Additive Manufacturing 

Manage data from laboratory tests, standards and suppliers

Enhance the knowledge of material experts and capitalize on data as much as possible

Facilitate the use of all relevant data by calculation and simulation engineers



Structure, mutualise, and increase the value your materials data

Improve the view on your materials

Have a cross-sectional and total view of material data

Ensure traceability

Ensure the traceability of your data through the management of rights and workflow validations

Improve its production

Support your additive manufacturing processes

Controlling costs

Reduce costs by automating low value-added tasks for your experts

Working collaboratively

Share feedback on the use and choice of materials

Modular and configurable tool

Benefit from a flexible database to develop your tool independently


Quickly synchronize your data with other information systems

Outsource the management of your material database?



A Materials offer dedicated to:

Automotive & Transportation

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Aeronautics & Space



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TEEXMA® was chosen for its native material functionalities and the ability to adapt it to specific needs.


Aircraft manufacturers' requirements on material data conducted us towards the implementation of a material database in order to streamline and centralize all the information that is useful for the company (calculation, purchasing, methods...)


We wanted a tool that could help us about material data, make links between properties and different types of applications and that could help us to identify behavior laws. We establish correlations on certain properties and we would like to extend our business rules to all data.


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