Optimize the profitability of your organization through good material data management

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Today, a profitable company is a company perceived as being in good health. Indeed, profitability is a guarantee of efficiency, optimized use of resources and performance. It is calculated by dividing an organization’s revenues by its costs.


BASSETTI’s mission is to help its customers improve their profitability. To do this, the company has identified a critical step that could significantly impact this profitability. This is the management of data on the materials used in the production process. The TEEXMA® software package is a powerful tool that ensures the optimized, orderly and secure management of material data..
BASSETTI has studied the needs of industrial companies. The material data they are confronted with are extremely varied: families, components, structural data, use, origin… The management of this data is, therefore, a key step in the company’s overall organization, directly impacting its efficiency. Good data management saves valuable time, reduces costs and increases performance.


It is necessary that the material data be grouped together in a single repository, in order to have a global view. This repository must be shared between the various sites and services of the industry (R&D, design offices, laboratories…), in order to make a single and good materials characterization campaign that will then be distributed to the entire organization. The transfer of information is of better quality and the risk of errors in a manual entry is significantly reduced. Each piece of data available on the database is validated and secured. Indeed, TEEXMA® Materials guarantees the presence of a validation workflow process as well as fine management of information access rights. Each data is traced, its origin (internal or external) is mentioned. For example, a certain piece of data may come from a laboratory test performed on a certain date and another may be captured under a new environmental standard that came into effect today. The various research and technical operations departments thus have permanent controlled access to reliable and certified data.

Equipped with several powerful research modules, TEEXMA® Materials offers optimized choice support for the various departments of the company. Through a textual search using keywords, the desired information is easily accessible. This search engine is equipped with a function that allows it to search for information within the documents published in the database (Excel, Word, PDF documents, etc.). The fully customizable multi-criteria selection allows to establish specifications from the simplest to the most complex. Searches are optimized according to the importance assigned to each search criterion. The results of this selection are classified by relevance in order to facilitate decision-making on the choice of materials and define equivalences between the results.


Effective knowledge management is also a vector of performance for a company. TEEXMA® Materials capitalizes on the business knowledge of technical experts, groups them together and builds a data repository related to materials (implementation processes, technical treatments, applications…). This way, the transfer of skills is better; each expert or newcomer can benefit from the feedback of his collaborators on a particular subject.

A high-performance materials data management software improves the profitability of a company because it contributes to a significant reduction in costs, mainly through time savings and process optimization: better information research, better knowledge transfer, and feedback, better quality and traceability of data, more reliable critical studies and analyses, more accurate trust indices… 

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