MeetSYS joins the BASSETTI Group to become the leader in Knowledge Management

Grenoble, France, May 10th 2022

BASSETTI, a leader in the management of technical expertise, announces that MeetSYS, a firm of scientific experts specializing in the management, collection, and reuse of knowledge, has joined the BASSETTI Group.


By combining their respective strengths, MeetSYS and BASSETTI Group now lead in the field of Knowledge Management (KM) in France which allows the BASSETTI Group to foster a stronger national and international presence. This reinforcement will help with better response to the challenges of companies that are focusing on innovation through processes in a context of digital transformation.

Transmit and perpetuate the intangible capital of corporations

Knowledge Management (KM) is the process of collecting, managing, and reusing intellectual assets to ensure their sustainability and transmission within a company. KM enables the transmission of know-how, facilitates learning, improves decision-making, anticipates risks and increases performance through innovation. If an industry has initiated for several years this approach of valorization of intellectual capital by the management of its documents or its data, the evolution of organizations and the health crisis arouses an increased interest towards the transmission of tacit knowledge and this in all sectors.

With approximately ¼ of the active population between 50 and 65 years old and the Z generation, more mobile in terms of employment—shaking up the habits of knowledge transmission, Knowledge Management is now, more than ever, a strategic issue. The movement of employees and the retirement of the “baby boomers” is leading to a significant loss of skills and know how. In order to face this challenge in the era of digital transformation, the BASSETTI Group and MeetSYS have developed innovative and collaborative software solutions, offering an “End-to-End” management addressing the entire knowledge management value chain.

“With the expertise of MeetSYS, our group is now developing the most complete offer on the market,” emphasizes David Bassetti, President of the BASSETTI Group. “TEEXMA® for KM can be complemented by i²Kn to cover the entire knowledge spectrum.

TEEXMA® and i²Kn: complementarity intellectual property services

MeetSYS has been providing problem-solving and research strategy support to industrial R&D departments since 2003. From this experience, the founders of MeetSYS have developed with their clients—i²Kn (Intelligence to Knowledge Network), an approach that combines an innovative methodology for interviewing and modeling the reasoning of experts with software for collecting and reproducing this know-how. 

Founded in 1992 by Dr. Bassetti, with a PhD in materials science, the BASSETTI Group specializes in the Management of Technical Expertise®. This consists of pooling knowledge to ensure the sustainability of knowledge within industrial companies. It publishes and integrates TEEXMA®, a software of one technology, multiple solutions designed to leverage and enhance the high value-added technical knowledge of industrial companies. 

While both solutions meet common objectives (e.g., reduction of knowledge loss during departures, accelerated training of newcomers, improved exchanges, productivity gains, risk anticipation, etc.), MeetSYS has specialized in the management of tacit knowledge* and BASSETTI on the capitalization of explicit knowledge**. Together, they now cover the entire knowledge chain.

“The complementary nature of MeetSYS and BASSETTI is undeniable: we address not only the entire KM sector, but a whole range of businesses. This merger opens the door to new markets, by relying on the strong presence of the BASSETTI Group worldwide,” adds Manuel Balbo, CEO of MeetSYS.

External growth and international development for the BASSETTI Group

The BASSETTI Group has been implementing a decentralization strategy for more than a decade to provide the best possible service to over 150,000 TEEXMA® users. In 2012, BASSETTI France opened new offices, and over the years, new entities and agencies have been opened around the world.

The group is now present in three continents including Europe, Asia and North America, has 15 subsidiaries in France, China, Canada, India, United States and Germany, and has nearly 320 employees worldwide. This merger will allow MeetSYS to offer a global service but also to find a structure to develop its innovation internationally.

In parallel with its deployment in France and internationally, the BASSETTI Group is pursuing a strategy of acquisitions and shareholdings with the aim of consolidating and developing new offers.

* Tacit knowledge includes innate or acquired skills, know-how and experience.

** Explicit knowledge is knowledge that is clearly articulated in a written document.

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