TEEXMA® Quality

Supporting your company's quality approach

TEEXMA® Quality

Supporting your company’s quality approach

The objectives of a quality approach are:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • To improve product quality


Improve customer satisfaction

Improve the quality of your products – reduce non-conformities

Bringing together all of the company’s stakeholders around a quality approach

Exchange more effectively with your suppliers

Respond to market or client certification needs

Improve the efficiency of your structure

Simplify the problem solving processes

Centralize the management of quality actions


An ergonomic tool for managing activity

Modular and exhaustive coverage of the perimeters related to the quality approach

An easy declaration of all quality events (techniques, deviations, complaints, non-conformities)

A supplier portal guaranteeing communication and easier control of suppliers

A structure allowing you to manage internal and external audits

Integrated processes for problem solving

An integrated and customizable 8D process to help in problem-solving  

Integrated inquiry tools (defect lists, QQOQCCP, 5M, 5 why, etc.)

Integrated Quality Electronic Document Management (EDM)   

Optimal management of action plans

Monitoring and traceability of all actions

Native alert and notification functions

Integrated visual control solutions (KPI, convergence plan, etc.) and automated report generation


TEEXMA® Quality : The solution supporting your company’s quality approach


A unique, secure, and configurable tool

Improved quality culture

Ergonomics which favor the appropriation of a quality culture


Save time in non-quality processing


A complete traceability of the origin of actions and the effectiveness  

Customer and supplier relationships

Facilitated client – supplier relationship management

Intuitive solution

Ergonomics developed to facilitate the work of quality stakeholders

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We use TEEXMA® as a workflow to deal with non-conformities and follow them. TEEXMA® allows us to establish action plans to deal with non-conformities and to make reports.


Non-compliances and Quality Standards Data Management

Non-compliances and Quality Standards Data Management : Quality Documentation

Non-compliances and Quality Standards Data Management : Quality Documentation, Audits and Action Plans,Deviation Management, 8D, 5M