Improve Your Quality Management System To Reduce Nonconformities

Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

11am - 12pm (EDT)
8am - 9am (PDT)

Quality is a consistent issue for organizations across various industries. Continuous improvement and operational excellence begin with a dedicated focus on one of the many quality approaches. To achieve total quality, you must do more than just control products and processes—you must master the entire value chain and anticipate nonconformities.


TEEXMA® is an end-to-end solution that helps companies achieve quality expected by their customers, improves operational efficiencies and allows them to easily share information and knowledge. This is a modular and scalable solution that ensures total quality with root cause analysis to implement preventive and corrective actions, anticipates risks and nonconformities, and more.

WEBINAR topics that will be covered
  • Centralizing nonconformities, customer claims, and improvement requests
  • Connecting the Quality Management System (QMS) to existing Information Systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) to ensure data continuity
  • Quickly identifying a problem, anywhere, at any time
  • Investigating root causes using standard problem-solving methods (DMAIC, PDCA, 8D, Ishikawa, etc.)
  • Implementing corrective and preventive actions suited to the nature of the event, within a unique action plan
  • Leveraging and sharing documented information effectively