R&D is the department at the heart of innovation in today’s industrial companies. Digital transformation plays a major role in the overall optimization and increase in performance, by automating low value-added tasks and allowing a better match with field needs. The BASSETTI group, with more than 30 years of experience with R&D of major industrial companies, assists its clients in the management of R&D projects for innovation and product development.

Your challenges

Capitalizing on activity results

As R&D is by definition, an exploratory activity, it is important to capitalize on all the results and exploit the associated feedback (Return on experience)

Guarantee and secure data

In order to prevent errors, the R&D department must rely on reliable and secure material data

Reduce development costs

The objective is to design right from the start by reducing the cost of material characterization and new product development.

Share data

An R&D department that is isolated from other departments makes no sense. The priority for efficient data utilization is to share it with all involved departments

Why BASSETTI for the digitalization of your department?

The BASSETTI group develops a software suite dedicated to the world of R&D:

– Centralize the various feedback in a single interface to facilitate their exploitation

Select the right materials and the right process. Digitalizing a unique and structured materials and processes database facilitates research

– Build a unique repository whose data is controlled and whose distribution is therefore validated by materials experts

– Sharing information with other departments to improve performance by promoting synergies

BASSETTI also offers a unique solution for interfacing with the other departments involved:

– Design office: The design office is a department that requires the use of feedback from the R&D department and the sharing of material data for design and simulation

Laboratory: Test requests are issued by the materials department to the laboratory, which communicates the test results to R&D.

– Production: For Additive Manufacturing, it is important for the production department to specify the raw materials used and to retrieve the associated information on physical and mechanical properties, purchasing, costs and supply

– EHS: The challenge of interaction with the EHS department lies in environmental compliance. This involves knowing which substances are in the materials and whether they are subject to environmental regulations or regulatory lists (REACh, RoHS).

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We would like to inform you that the data in this form may be used by our services to respond to your request.