RENAULT uses TEEXMA® as a reference for material characteristics for numerical simulation and engineering

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– Customer Story – Materials Modeling Expert

The RENAULT group is one of the leading French car manufacturers. The group is present in 128 countries and generates more than 40 billion euros in turnover.

The context


“The need was identified for the calculation sectors, which wanted to have accessible, reliable and sustainable material data for calculation. We initially conducted various internal interviews and consulted the main suppliers in the field of calculation, but we did not find the one that could meet our expectations. We, therefore, broadened our search and called on the company BASSETTI. As a result, we developed specifications and BASSETTI was in a good position to fulfill the desired missions.”



“We didn’t want a simple safe but a tool that would allow us to develop our data. We wanted a flexible structure, which we can modify quickly, in which we can integrate new materials and generate a certain amount of information for digital simulation. We wanted a tool that helps us to progress on material data, that allows us to make the links between properties and different types of applications and that helps us to identify behavioral laws. We are developing correlations on certain properties and would like to extend our business rules to all our data.”

How did the collaboration with BASSETTI go?


“BASSETTI’s approach is to conduct interviews of the need, making it possible to identify the operating mode before and after the implementation of the tool, which we had not found in other suppliers. BASSETTI allowed us to clarify certain points of the specifications. From a human point of view, the collaboration went well.”

Developments in the coming years


“We would like to be able to write business rules in the tool and modify the structure according to the evolution of materials and new areas of digital simulation. We will certainly need BASSETTI to formalize the need as much as possible and advise us on the best practices to adopt.”

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