Success Stories

Aerospace & Defense

AIRBUS uses TEEXMA® to manage their experimental data and support innovation

AIRCELLE manages their materials data with TEEXMA® for Materials

NEXANS uses TEEXMA® to manage their technical design data

LIEBHERR Aerospace Toulouse and BASSETTI: A successful collaboration

“For us, what was most important was the configurability of the solution and the fact that it adapts to our needs. In addition, we heavily use the Multicriteria Selection and Automatic Document Extraction features. TEEXMA® makes it possible to centralize information and therefore to search for data more easily.”

“AIRCELLE (a wholly owned subsidiary of SAFRAN, forming SAFRAN NACELLES) has used BASSETTI’s expertise and TEEXMA® solution to implement a materials data management system. The designer and manufacturer of aircrafts needed a system to process, leverage, and share material data (design values, admissible values and experimental results).”

Why was it necessary to act?
“It was time to find a new solution due to the loss of time in maintenance, input and synthesis, the uncertainty of having a comprehensive answer to questions or incomplete answers, as well as the fear of losing information when experienced people (experts) leave the company.”

“The high demand for reliable material data for aircraft manufacturers pushed us to create a material database so that we could better rationalize and centralize company information (laboratory, purchasing service, methods, etc.). Our goal was to ensure that the data was more reliable and having a single tool to manage all material data. We want to meet the requirements of all the departments that utilize this data.”

ESTERLINE chose TEEXMA® because of its customization capabilities

SAFRAN AEROSPACE COMPOSITES manages their materials data with TEEXMA®

How does TEEXMA® meet SAFRAN's requirements?

THALES ALENIA SPACE uses TEEXMA® to manage and leverage their lessons learned

“We initially searched for several solutions which then led to a very long process of trying to determine the most appropriate solution for our needs. We then made several comparisons before finally making our decision. What attracted us to TEEXMA® was the fact that it was fully customizable. We did not want a fixed system because regulations often change which caused us to need a flexible solution.”

“TEEXMA® responded to our needs and specifications including data structure, a workflow module, a search function, extraction, and automatic document drafting. This solution has the ability to automate data acquisition directly from the source. It also gave us the ability to export data in a variety of formats (NP, Excel, Word, etc.).”

“A comparative analysis done in 2010 had shown that TEEXMA®, which was already being utilized in certain companies within the group, was the solution that best met all our material data management needs. Therefore, it was decided to recommend this solution to all our companies.”

“BASSETTI proposed pragmatic solutions that met our needs. The expertise, cost of services, and the speed of implementation only reinforced our choice.”