for Additive Manufacturing

The end-to-end solution from R&D to production

Operating Scope

TEEXMA® for Additive Manufacturing is the only solution that allows for the digitization and management of the entire additive manufacturing value chain from R&D to production.

Directly integrate Additive
Manufacturing material data
via a comprehensive
Create or receive simply,
step by step, your
project of Additive Manufacturing
R&D or mass-produced
parts in series
Integrate design CAD
design of your parts
directly into the
application interface
Simply simulate your
parts to define
the final properties
Plan all production
steps and simply visualise
them (Tree structure, GANTT...)
Create and modify your
Additive Manufacturing processes
directly in the application
Select your Materials or
Powders for Additive Manufacturing
according to their properties
entered in the database
Visualize the entire production
chain in real-time
dashboards in real-time
and select the necessary steps
Characterize your materials and
finished products by sending
a test request to the Laboratory
Monitor the status of
machines in real time
and plan and carry
out maintenance operations
on them
Automatically and intuitively
all the steps in
the manufacturing steps
through a powerful
validation workflow
Accrediting the knowledge
of your Additive
Manufacturing in a
database, making database,
making available know-how
and feedback available
Setting up of key
indicators and export
modes documentation
Reduce non-conformities
on parts and
finished products

Why choose TEEXMA® for Additive Manufacturing


your data from raw materials to finished parts


a database of raw materials (metal powder, polymer coils, etc.)


the use of new processes or machines


knowledge and best practices


additive manufacturing processes and machine parameters


the materials at all stages of transformation


The confidentiality and security of your data


the quality of your finished product by reducing nonconformities

TEEXMA® for Additive Manufacturing supports you with:

R&D and project management

Materials and powder management

Digital twin simulation

Build and sample testing

Create and manage projects to investigate the potential for AM and optimize geometry, materials, and process

Investigate and compare material options

Manage powder stock and status for the production floor

Create, version and manage simulation cards to support FEA and effectively predict performance based on selected materials

Test build options and production samples to ensure that parts meet requirements, specifications and performance expectations

Build comparison and decision making

Order management and scheduling

Build management and monitoring

Quality monitoring and investigations

Create and compare various builds to determine the best option to meet your requirements and to put into production

Easily handle the quotation planning and scheduling of jobs across your production floor to meet deadlines and maximize production

Track and monitor machine settings, build status and condition in real-time via an easy-to-read dashboard

Track and record sensor data to ensure build quality and tolerances are met

Easily record nonconformities and launch investigations

SOPs, workflows and equipment management

AM knowledge base & traceability

Manage operating procedures and workflows to ensure consistency

Schedule and manage equipment calibration and maintenance to maximize uptime

Collect lessons learned to improve processes and build quality

Create digital ID cards for full part traceability across your process


Avoid Errors

Avoid errors in the event of invalid data and manage your preventive and corrective actions

Reduce Costs

Optimize your additive manufacturing processes to save time and money while maximizing production


Continue using existing data by interfacing your current information system with TEEXMA®

Adaptability & Scalability

Adapt and configure your database to suit your specific business needs and AM processes to support company growth and scalability

Optimize Operations

Optimize operations by tracking and displaying KPIs and increase productivity with users focused on their tasks

TEEXMA® for Additive Manufacturing in various industries:


Aerospace & Defense

Additive manufacturing plays a huge role in the medical field, from surgery to medical devices.

One of the main challenges is managing the materials used in the finished products (polymers, PEEK, PEKK, etc.), especially the physicochemical characterization (ISO 10993), to ensure biocompatibility and reduce risks.

Additive manufacturing thus allows the customization of complex parts and the improvement of innovation in an increasingly technological sector.

Additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly important in high-tech industries such as aerospace and defense.

The industry’s need for adaptability in the face of certain changes requires accelerating the transition from prototyping to assembly-line production.

Defense requires complex and low-volume parts, and additive manufacturing is the most efficient process for low-volume production, while still allowing for local production.



The automotive industry is now one of the leading sectors when it comes to the use of additive manufacturing, particularly to meet the ever-increasing demands and customized production for luxury vehicles.

This industry also takes into account the increasing environmental issues by producing lighter and more energy efficient cars.

In turn, this creates a need for proper and strategic selection and management of additive manufacturing materials such as polypropylene, polyurethane, PVC, etc.

TEEXMA® for Additive Manufacturing helps facilitate R&D projects and technology transfer in the energy industry.

The challenge here is for companies in this industry to produce components by maximizing performance and reducing the amount of material used.

This concerns energy generation devices (ex. solar panels, wind turbines), and energy conversion devices (ex. batteries, generators).

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