The LIMS software to organize your laboratory and digitize your quality control activities.

The Quality Control component of TEEXMA® for LIMS is a dedicated LIMS software for managing laboratory activities and quality control tailored to your specific needs.

The Quality Control component of TEEXMA® for LIMS is a 100% configurable solution available in SaaS, Cloud, or On-Premise. Dedicated to quality control laboratories and production contexts, the LIMS software allows for comprehensive management of quality control processes, from creating analysis requests to generating complete reports.

Why choose TEEXMA® for LIMS to manage your quality control?

Productivity and Competitiveness

Quality Assurance

Regulatory compliance andtraceability

Collaboration and knowledge management

In order to maintain the organization’s competitiveness, quality control is imperative. Time-consuming and sometimes complex, this activity requires significant optimization to increase productivity.

In a pursuit of transparency and customer satisfaction, quality control aims to ensure the conformity of raw materials, semi-finished goods, and finished products, ultimately striving for the highest level of quality.

ISO 17025 certification mandates that quality control laboratories substantiate their adherence to regulatory requirements. Therefore, it becomes essential to track laboratory activities within a software solution in order to maintain proper documentation and compliance.

In a productivity-driven approach, the knowledge created during analyses holds paramount importance. It is crucial to effectively capitalize on and leverage the laboratory’s technical heritage to facilitate information sharing among stakeholders and enhance visibility into quality control activities.

Take the leap into the industry 4.0 era and promote digital continuity by digitizing your quality control laboratory activities.

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Through a validation workflow, our LIMS software allows you to manage all control plans at each stage of the manufacturing process. Integrated into the information system, particularly for importing control orders directly from the ERP, the solution enables the integration of documentations (EDM) and the accumulation of necessary knowledge in the right place, ensuring reliable and properly utilized information.

LIMS Quality Control solution to ensure compliance.

Laboratory management

Security and configurability

Enhance traceability and knowledge management

Integration with the existing information system

One technology, Multiple Solutions

Digitizing quality control laboratory activities through a software solution helps eliminate redundant data entry and minimizes the risk of errors. Laboratory management is facilitated by efficient validation workflows and advanced KPI management

In order to cater to diverse contexts and industries, customization and configuration of the solution are pivotal. We understand the significance of security, which is why our LIMS Quality Control prioritizes robust rights management and access controls.

Our LIMS software simplifies the utilization of laboratory data. With robust data traceability provided by our solution, data interpretation is accelerated, and information access is streamlined, empowering informed decision-making.

TEEXMA® is a flexible solution that easily integrates into the existing information system (IS), particularly with the ERP for importing control orders. Our LIMS software also interfaces with your laboratory instruments to streamline data collection and sharing.

Experience seamless digital continuity across your business software with the  TEEXMA® platform’s cutting-edge technology. Enhance your LIMS Quality Control by integrating modules for LES, QMS, or SDS management, tailored to your specific needs. Enjoy a comprehensive and integrated solution that optimizes your laboratory operations and streamlines workflows.


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