Digitize your laboratory activities

TEEXMA® for LIMS, the fully customizable software to manage all your R&D or quality control laboratory activities.

Bring your laboratory into the digital age. Our customizable and scalable LIMS software is designed to be tailored to your context and specific needs for the long term. Ensure digital continuity to enhance your laboratory activities in R&D or quality control, from creating a request to obtaining results through planning.

Why choose our TEEXMA® for LIMS software to manage all your laboratory activities?


TEEXMA® for LIMS is software designed to manage all laboratory activities. The solution capitalizes on and organizes the data produced by the laboratory and automates operational tasks such as test execution and report writing.


Customer satisfaction is at the core of the laboratory’s concerns. A LIMS software helps improve the quality of deliverables and optimize time to meet the commitments made to stakeholders.


Laboratories are subject to numerous regulatory constraints related to quality, traceability, and processes (ISO 17025, ISO 9001, 21 CFR PART 11, BLP, etc.). TEEXMA®  for LIMS provides the necessary traceability to demonstrate the laboratory’s compliance


Laboratories rely on a wealth of high-value technical data and depend on advanced expertise from laboratory experts. A LIMS software allows for the formalization and utilization of this intangible asset, with the aim of enhancing the overall quality of laboratory activities.

Discover TEEXMA® for LIMS
to digitize your laboratory activities.

TEEXMA® for LIMS is a software composed of 4 offerings designed to address use cases inherent to R&D and quality control activities. Strengthen your laboratory's information system by deploying a unique solution tailored to your needs.




The ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) offering is designed for R&D laboratories to digitize the notebooks used daily by researchers, engineers, and technicians.

This offering allows for the digital centralization of research documentation, structuring of work, and recording of all experimental results with the aim of reducing errors and optimizing time.

The LIMS R&D offering promotes innovation in R&D laboratories by allowing technicians to focus on the core of their work: conducting tests and analyzing results.

LIMS R&D manages the activities of the R&D laboratory throughout the lifecycle of requests and tests (sample management, planning, reports, results, etc.).

LIMS Quality Control


Quality Control

TEEXMA® for LIMS is also available in production contexts to digitize quality control activities in laboratories.

The LIMS Quality Control offering allows for the management of all quality control plans at each stage of the production process, as well as the centralization and structuring of all data and knowledge generated by the laboratory.

The LES (Laboratory Execution System) offering, complementary to LIMS QC, boosts laboratory productivity by automating the execution of standardized procedures.

Tests and analyses are simplified as the software facilitates data collection, sample tracking, and report generation.

A LIMS software also available on smartphones and tablets.

To avoid errors and duplicate data entry, TEEXMA® for LIMS is available in tablet and smartphone format with a fully customizable interface.

Our software is available according to your needs in three hosting modes: SaaS, Cloud, or On Premise.

The benefits of integrating TEEXMA® for LIMS into your laboratory's information system.


Showcase the laboratory's expertise.

The implementation of a LIMS system strengthens your laboratory’s expertise with clients and stakeholders by improving overall satisfaction and reducing imposed timelines.


Capitalizing on know-how

Beyond data, TEEXMA® for LIMS incorporates Lessons Learned (REX) and domain expertise on laboratory analyses and tests, aiming to enhance the technical skills of laboratory technicians.


Manage the entire laboratory

Our various offerings that make up TEEXMA® for LIMS provide multiple solutions within a single technology, designed to be adaptable to 100% of the activities carried out by the laboratory, in both quality control and R&D contexts.


Strengthen your Information System (IS)

Integrate into your existing Information System a modular and scalable solution, allowing seamless interfacing with laboratory equipment and other software.

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