Offer Metrology

The ergonomic and mobile software solution, improving the reliability of measuring instruments, while optimizing the management of metrological activities and the achievement of your calibrations, verifications, etc.

Ensure complete management of your metrology activities with a Metrology 4.0 software!

Discover our innovative metrology solution with our state-of-the-art software! Simplify your metrological interventions by benefiting from comprehensive tracking of service activities and metrologists. Our ergonomic interface is specially designed for business users and in particular for use in the field. Our solution, usable via computer, smartphone and tablet, can also be used in offline mode to ensure optimal monitoring of alerts and interventions on your equipment, instruments, devices, and measurement tools. Configurable to your needs, our software guarantees maximum security for all stakeholders. Each functionality can be configured according to your habits, needs, and preferences, providing you with a solution perfectly tailored to your business.

Metrology offer of the TEEXMA® for Maintenance product: master the challenges

Make it reliable

Precision of measurements made by instruments, equipment, and measurement tools, and limit the risk of drift.


Internal or external interventions effectively and simplify the organization of calibrations and verifications.


Compliance with standards, regulations or certifications through enhanced traceability.


The service’s performance through integrated management tools: planning, alerts, key performance indicators, etc.


Investigations related to non-conformities, facilitate decision-making, and metrological approval.


Management and metrological data within a single ergonomic and collaborative tool adapted to each profile.


The quality and confidence of results obtained from instruments while ensuring the security of data and personnel.


An interoperable solution with your existing IS (ERP, EDM, …), scalable, and compliant with state-of-the-art cybersecurity.

Metrology Offering: Discover advanced features transforming your activity


Access the detailed identification and life sheet cards of tracked instruments/measurement equipment, and navigate easily through structured libraries via geographical-functional tree view, visual interactive plan, etc.

Human resources

Effectively manage skills, authorizations, meetings, unavailabilities, and team workload.


Facilitate customer/supplier coordination by monitoring contract validity periods, contractual execution delays, etc.

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

Define followed standards, customize result input templates and capitalize on information related to followed protocols (steps, PPE, necessary tools, theoretical duration, etc.).


Activate access to graphic planning tools like GANTT and visualize assignments through team members' agendas.

Calibrations and metrological verifications

Digitize the process of conducting internal or external calibrations and metrological verifications and access notifications of interventions to be carried out.

Result entry and uncertainties

Use the software to enter measurements and results in dedicated input interfaces while easily accessing targeted specifications.

Reports and EDM

Capitalize or edit reports, especially COFRAC, according to configurable templates. Manage reports or other certificates using advanced EDM (Electronic Document Management) functionalities (versioning, electronic signature, online editing, etc.).


Maintain precise control over stock levels of parts and consumables, manage associated suppliers, generate automatic orders and digitize warehouses, etc.

Lendings and transfers

Organize the physical flows of devices of all types: lendings, transfers between sites, subcontractor shipments through integrated functionalities: packing slip generation, deadline alerts, etc.

Financial management

Control your metrology expenses and calculate the total ownership cost of devices, track budgets and expenses, prepare quotes and customer billings, etc.

Non-conformities and actions

Integrate the creation, analysis, and treatment of non-conformities (out-of-specifications results, trends, etc.) and steer associated action plans.


Benefit from default reportings and flexibility in creating your own reportings in the desired format: integrated KPIs, activity reports, etc. to analyze organizational performance.

Drift monitoring

Provide access to control charts for tracking trends and identifying drifts.


Redefine calibration and/or verifications frequencies by deploying the OPPERT method within the system.

R&R Studies (Repeatability and Reproducibility)

Organize studies of repeatability and reproducibility on your instruments to specify optimal procedures to use to ensure measurement reliability.

Explore our different solutions designed to meet your needs

Given the increasing complexity of digitization issues and the variety of actors in our environment, the BASSETTI Group has decided to implement several approaches to meet the business requirements of the largest number.




Select the modules you want to deploy within your organization and reuse the standard without configuration. After user training, data importation, and application initialization, you will be able to use the application effortlessly.

Advantages: Quick and economic.

After studying your needs by our experts, we adapt the standard to your requirements through configuration to meet your business specificities and dedicated management rules, using the tool’s administration console and a proven project methodology.

Advantages: Dedicated to your context and adapted to your needs.

Does your project include singularities and complex specificities not covered by market solutions? Thanks to the tool’s customization capabilities and ease of integration of specific needs, we can likely offer you a solution. Address your request to our experts.

Advantages: A unique tool integrating your most complex specificities.

Facilitate achievement of your calibrations and metrological verifications with our dedicated mobile application.

Software Metrology offer

Metrologist profile

  • List of calibrations to be performed

  • Schedule of interventions to be carried out

  • Access to the life sheet and metrological history

  • Access to the list of devices

  • Reading barcodes/QR Codes/RFID

  • Documentation consultation

  • Intervention implementation process

  • Declaration of non-conformities

  • Voice recording of the intervention summary

  • Report signatures

  • Consultation of procedures, SOP and protocols

  • Ergonomic results entry

  • Taking photos and annotate them

  • Creating sketches and drawings

  • Equipment search 

  • Navigation on aids and feedback

  • Stock withdrawals

Benefits of our metrology offering

Improve metrological accuracy

By efficiently planning calibrations and other metrological verifications, by using intelligent result entry interfaces and associated native traceability, you ensure the reliability and integrity of your measurements, reducing the risk of errors.

Control costs and traceability

Achieve sustainable savings by controlling stock levels and ensuring efficient intervention organization. Our solution helps reduce intervention costs by leveraging your experience more rigorously. Likewise, the tool integrates state-of-the-art security and native traceability to meet market requirements.

Optimize resource use

By standardizing and automating processes, efficiently planning, and integrating an effective safety approach, you maximize the availability of your teams by reconnecting them to their main high-value-added missions. Similarly, you can optimize the management of tool and consumable stocks through better control of consumptions, inventories, expiration alerts, and notifications of stocks below alert thresholds.

Conform your activity to metrological requirements

Our software helps you follow the specifications, standards, and requested requirements, trace and treat non-conformities, and produce reports compliant with current recommendations. It ensures the conformity of your metrological activities with the various competent authorities and supports the quality of operations using the verified instruments.