Project Management

The modular and configurable solution to manage all your product life cycle management activities

TEEXMA® for Project Management

The modular and configurable solution to manage all your product life management activities


Document management

Technical data management

Project management

Product life cycle management


Document management

Ensure control over document distribution

Improve data security and disaster recovery mechanisms

Ensure regulatory compliance

Get an overview of all documents

Structure documents with the associated technical data

AHave the latest version of the updated document

Automatically create documents on defined templates

Validate and approve documents with electronic signatures

Track all documents and avoid input errors

Technical data management

Benefit from a workflow system that increases productivity and shortens time-to-market by automating processes

Ensure all steps have been followed for each task

Maintain BOMs

Manage configurations and changes: capture digital content in a single, secure environment

Analyze products

Manage components and suppliers

Manage manufacturing processes

Project management

Manage collaborations: enable geographically dispersed individuals and groups to work collaboratively on the same products by following the same development processes.

GManaging program portfolios: coordination and execution of portfolio management, program management, and project management processes. Designed to mitigate management issues related to product development initiatives.

Benefit from support service: optimize service information throughout the product lifecycle


Improved results

Regularly improve financial results.

Achieving objectives

Fulfill financial objectives and enhance product development.

Cost rationalization

Benefit from the advantages of reduced IT costs.


Increase your turnover.

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